Quiet Quietly

This post is an initiative to the Saturday Prompt ‘Quiet Quietly’ of writetribe!

Sakshi, a junior doctor in Xmile Dental Care couldn’t face the oppression in cynical tones of a male pessimist in her work place. Words were burning inside her to raise her voice. He was just a lab assistant in the clinic.

She began her day attending to patients. It took more the time than she thought in a case of extraction.

He mocked in whispers quietly, “What is this? You take more than an hour to do a case!”

She furiously replied, “See if you’re an EXPERT you do the next cases. You take my certificate that I get as a DOCTOR!”

He nodded to her unexpected tantrum left the place quiet quietly. For her it was the beginning of freedom!


What’s on your mind, Fakebook?

This post is strictly on behalf of April Blogging challenge 2014 on the subject College memories. And the F we all know about! :DF

Facebook has been part of life just like Oxygen. Whattt Oxygennnnnnn!! (NOOO) Was that too much? Oh may be! (thinking) Was it the twenty times I checked facebook today? Naah, Did I?images

1000+ Friends… What? Are you kidding me??? I’m sure they are fake ones….!!!
Nooo! I’m quite popular that’s why… <winks>
My friend: Tell me, how many are your friends? :O
Bro: Who’s this fellow who commented in your profile picture? :@
Sis: Mommyyyy, Look at her profile picture!!!! :O
Mom: What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have anything to study? 24 hours I see you in Facebook… :@Blah Blah….

And You! You not into any confrontation that you up to no good cause all you feel is Facebook isn’t addictive! It isn’t… A social network THAT does a good job. :D

images (1)
Friend: Really? Then like my profile picture!
Me: Looks at her. Huh! FINE!

Scrolls down to the endless updates and finds your crush online.
Me: Hiiii
Crush: Heyyy


Me: (thinks for awhile) Do we have to submit Chemistry assignment tomorrow?


Again scrolls down… To find people who were your juniors of school ‘who knows you’ but you haven’t heard of them because you never talked to them. To some you suffer the momentary amnesia of unknown people that were your friends just because she/he got another friend or maybe they lost touch with you. (Whatever?)

Hey, I thought we were friends! What you doing these days????

Me: <wants to say… eating r amen noodles> Oh I’m in my last year of college! And you??? (fake tone)

I admit good riddance starts with striking off some friends who you never knew and added you just cause you were his/her senior or appear to be in your school/ college. Will you do, Mr/ Ms Popular?



Do you constantly change your profile picture?


If I get bored with the previous one, I change to the next one and if not another one.

OK, so that’s like once in a year? Two?

What no!! Once in two weeks… or a week…


Okay so how often you take selfies?


Love them!.. (Takes the phone.. beep!) Look at me… look at me in this one! See I’m at the Hard Rock Cafe with a drink in my hand, Isn’t it cool? Oh ok you didn’t like it? Or How about this one?!!!!! Me in bathing suit at Miami Beach Ok Ok… So you change your profile pictures like changing boyfriends?


What’s on your mind, Missi?

Oh that’s simple…10169466_653045188083578_7089535510708104556_n


“I’m H-U-N-G-R-Y”

We went to INOX for the —– Film first show !!!

There by follows the comments… likes and the rest of us like me ignores…


How Good are you at general knowledge at a rating of 1-5 ?

GK! What and why?
Oh relax dude!… You know the fight between Congress and BJP going on??? WHAT! When? WHERE??? The show is continued with the rest assured with no harm and detailed foul language.
You want to prove yourself that you are the most important person on Facebook and all your comments should be appreciated even if they are fighting via comments about X, Y or Z! (Log on to facebook.com and search #election2014)

With 300 photos is nothing less in a year but too much of doodling with your significant other… ahh everybody attention is here!

images (3)“Love you Baby!”
“See you tonight, xoxo!”
“Wear that sexy dress you wore the other night”
“Ok Hun! See you soon…” (Special Kiss xxxxx )

Not to forget the hash tags!!! #I #LOVE #YOU #MUNCHKIN

Dear Facebook,

I’m solemnly sorry from the bottom of my heart for misusing you throughout my life. It’s not you, it’s me to be blamed for. I need to figure out things with you, Lucy and me! Its always you both, I treasured. Nevertheless, you make me hate myself to the extent that as I go through the pictures and countless posts of my so-called friends. Their freedom of living and my four-walled life can’t even compared. I know it’s pathetic to read my words of jealousy and disapproval of everything under the sky in your name.
You remember the day I posted that picture of me standing on college roof, I got 200+ likes, and I felt for one moment the most popular person on facebook. Cool wasn’t it? But when another friend of mine posted his BMW car picture online and the network got crazy with likes and comments!!! AND me FORGOTTEN! When Mr Popular updated his status on an exam question online and surprisingly answers were too many!! whyyyyy… why not me????

STILL haven’t I been faithful following you everywhere? Your attention and loveeee is what i needed the most

Will you?

Nobody :(

Kikibee signing off! :D

Hope to see your comments, likes and love in here ;) I’m waiting…

(Time for another selfie! :D ) tadaaaa… click! <<<Please try again later>>> (annoyed) :@


This post is written on behalf of April A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014 on the letter E.E

I don’t know what was I thinking when I jotted down experience as the subject for E. Was It College experience or Life experiences? I’m not old enough to write on these, says who? (I think so :D)
For those who stepped into college life, you’ve to be ready for the roller coaster ride. Because it’s fun if you know how to enjoy it. Freshman year get accustomed to all the senior rules and negotiations cause it won’t be the same once enter your second year. You’d have gained a pair of seniority horns. Being a part of all the events… to escape ragging at times… then what else… nobody to judge you… unless you come in a conversation with a senior and they say, “Oh, I thought you were like this! You are more like the conservative type… Really ??? aah… The conversation goes and doesn’t make sense to either listener or the speaker.

Unlike first year, second year is more like competition. The aggression to beat others be it a sport, academics or cultural. Well the memories kids wanted to add… yeah specially the parties…house party, college party… you name it, and there is a party in town. Burst into a college crowd and sing along the pop song that all knows as if the entire bar is singing along. Trips to places you never lay eyes on, okay that come in your third year or may be second year. I went for my first trip in my second year. ‘Very awesome’ with just four girls!college-poor-and-drunk
Third year smooth and shine with union batch rocking and rolling till the end. Organizing events, college fund and dates of a whole year just cause you are in the union council! At the end, you can try to sneak some money and free things that you can get along with each program. Relying on somebody to get you a proxy if you’re lucky. You just come and sit in the big classroom. Sometimes there are no classes, like free for half a year. And Tripping a lot!!! That’s for another post. Final Year (Oh God) That’s hard part! Lots of patients to deal and you even ask yourself after treating many of them. Have they never seen Tooth Brush and paste? :O
A person who never been to Library sees it in its last year. Oh me? I never had to use it much. However, it’s pretty. It’s annoying when all get to ask, what you doing in here… and the rest of your family history. The best part is you capture a view of Library floor and instagram it.hncasvd

“OMG, the geek is in Library!”


The phase of life where everybody think alike, you need money go abroad. “Yes after this, I shall settle down abroad. No… No! You can contact me via Facebook or Twitter”.

Oh! Who knows what next?
It’s good to have friends with benefits as well as friends that stick around. Just for when one goes, you can hire another one. That’s the college story of friendship unless one is lazy to find a new friend like me.
Act like a Boss in college… smiling to strangers, passing comments aloud making sure the other person at the end hear.4a7rtge
Preparing for exams one-week earlier or terminal exams one day before and still trying to get a pass or fill the blank paper! We are genius, ain’t?

Mondays are mourn-days! Got to deal with it every week and the following days are like Mondays just THE half package DEAL whie you reach Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are the official party days. I’m sure Work peeps agree with me? ;Dimages


Yes, I’ve a party tonight to attend. Girly time! :D Ciao. Cheers. xoxo

By the way, for college ‘no experience’ required. It’s ALWAYS a Hit and Run scenario! :D


Any body can Dance!

DLately the world has been telling me to dance. Dance like no one is watching!

It all started with trance music playing background and unknowingly I stepped up and moved side to side. Two shots of vodka, I was high, and God knows what happened. Looking around at all the dancers shaking, I was buzzed. Oh may be I need one more? Like a live wire, I hit on the dance floor with my friend Bettina swirling around. That’s when I knew I’m born party shaker. I can’t remain silent in a theater nor be the non- laughing out loud one.

Traditional music grooves me into classical touch but when a rock pop sounds louder, I can’t help but to shake shoulders and bounce the rest. College was no less when it came to dance. Everywhere I studied, there were lot of dancing stuff to do and last three weeks were nothing less but dancing. It began with world oral health day celebration practices to cultural programs in this year. Flash mob to western solo, had a great time! The fact is I’m never done dancing. It’s like the passion that waves higher when you see lot of dancers heating up on stage. Moreover, you just admire to be one of them.971606_607469116001829_131387493_n

ANY BODY CAN DANCE- as the music grooves in feels the beat and just let go all your worries. You would be mesmerized by the music that takes you places. When you think it’s all over, it would just be the beginning, or the middle but never the end. College too added lot of memories to dance extravaganza. It shall be never be the same once I end here. The dance, the fun, the music… wish to relive every moment once again. So turn up the music, move right round and shake your voluptuous hips! :D

Dance is the Joy Of Existence! -Rumi 


He Crushed my heart!

COh c’mon if you haven’t had that one person who hit cupids at your heart. One person, naaah! I’m sure there are many? Yeah! College won’t be fun without the bunch of candies.

“And there goes my endless crushes”, sighs Jen


No, I’m not… I just stick on to one!

There goes my cupid-dribbling ball to the court up to the basket and scores! Whoaaa, I scream! Like every other lunatic girl except I don’t scream. My heart wavers… geez Is that really happening. Duhh

A Haiku attempt for my candy crushes, if that really a haiku…

As he curve his smile
My heart wavers in his devious
Glare a new chick DAMN!

And THAT is the story of my life :D

By the way he is a tutor joined in nearby college. Only thing is I see him once in blue moon and that too when he is in basketball court. <Relief>

P.S: With everyone participating actively in A to Z challenge, I feel left out without posting my challenge. Taking it slow and hope to complete it soon.

C for crushes, betches! What life without a crush? I know you have it too. Lets hear them!!! :D 


Hello There!

I’m sorry for being away for a very long time. Due to my tight schedule, I tried my best to update but couldn’t at most of the times. Recently I took part for April Blogging challenge and couldn’t continue it. So I began from where I ended it. Today’s challenge is on letter G SO I’m continuing it from there.Hope to see your posts too and I’d like to be a part of it too…

Jensy :)

Too much Bunking?

Been away from A to Z challenge feels like months and I’m back in here. Slow! I hope that I pick the pace. B…B… Think, Think, Think…Books. Bunking. And what else Blah! Blah! Bunking, not bad!! Quite a history? Lol807e4-b
When you are part of Student Union Council, don’t expect anything more than your help.

Friend: Which year are you in?
Me: In my third year of College
F: Isn’t that like your Honeymoon year?
M: Ya Ya! The greatest honeymoon I ever had
F: Does that have any inner meaning?
M: I fell in deep shit!
F: What happened?
M: I’ve shortage of attendance
F: Oh! How come? You ain’t the type of bunker?
M: Not really! Just took the advantage of honeymoon. Oh yeah thought I would get free attendance. So royally bunker.
F: Oh that’s bad! so now what?
M: Nothing much. Just lost 6 months.
F: That’s so bad!!!!
M: It’s okay! I’ve my privileges too.
F: How?
M: I’d be a better doc than the regulars! :D
F: Oh Ok! But… what you did by bunking?
M: I use to help my batch being a part of union then sleep… sleeps… sleep! Oh and I skipped classes to attend dance practices for the cultural competition.
F: You weren’t the main person behind this council! Then how come?
M: I didn’t have people to give me proxy. Became unlucky one!
F: Learn a lesson?
M: Pretty much!


This is my bunking story! AND I ended up in trouble when my boat sailed so smoothly. I smile when I remember those days of misery…It was during this time, I read the highest number of books. I never knew I’d the ability of reading too many of them. :D