Book Review: Be Careful what you wish for

229237-vintage1Archer recites a political family drama from 1957 to 1964, describing the character of Harry Clifton as a poor rich-war dramatically hero and best-selling crime writer along with the supporting character Emma Barrington, first woman chairperson of her family shipping company. After three books of his chronicles is yet another one casting from construction of a luxury liner, which becomes a bane for Martinez.

Be Careful What You Wish For opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident from rash driving. Nevertheless, who died, Sebastian or his best friend Bruno?

When Ross Buchanan resigns from the Chairman post, Don Pedro Martinez instate his marionette Major Alex Fisher to take over the Barrington Company where Buchanan wants Emma to be the next chairperson. As Emma presumes her leadership in Barrington, Martinez schemes out a plan to bring whole lot misery for the family. In between with so many characters , there is another one playing a minor role, Cedric Hardcastle, a bluff Yorkshire man by taking his place in Barrington board. Hardcastle’s first decision is who to support the next chairman of the board: Emma Clifton or Major Alex Fisher?

What I liked about Hardcastle is his part in bringing up the revenge on Martinez but I don’t get the point when he gave his assurance to Major Fisher of taking over his bank. Why him? In between Jessica wins a scholarship and win over hearts through her artistic skills. She falls in love with Clive Bingham, the son of the owner Mr Robert Bingham (Owner of fish paste) but Archer cranks with another twist with Jessica’s suicidal stunt. Hardcastle and Bingham join a complex scheme to manipulate the Barrington stock price to bankrupt the Argentinean. In many places, you’d see the character of Sebastian Clifton highlighted, In this book too you’d get to see his growth from student life to Hardcastle’s most loyal assistant.

At the end of this book, you’d feel paranoid about lot of stuffs too many unexplained pieces and storyline not making sense. To a fast-paced plot, this one is a bit floppy one with broken up narration. It’s quite dampening to read something like this from one of the bestselling authors. But that doesn’t stop readers to put the book down with all anticipation for the next one, the author yet ended the book on a cliffhanger. But clips of clichés makes me plot my story line of his next best-selling of his series.

I would give it a3.5 out of 5 stars. Yes, Clifton chronicles was definitely the best series Iv read after Harry Potter. Though it may not be up to the mark, but author definitely gave it justice by sticking to the plot!!!

“You’re so bossy.” “Why is a woman always described as bossy, when if a man did the same thing he’d be thought of as decisive, commanding and displaying qualities of leadership?”

Jeffrey Archer, Be Careful What You Wish For

“A work of art is worth what someone will pay for it.”
Jeffrey Archer, Be Careful What You Wish For

I too had somebody

8054_zps5acfaff1Yes, I too had someone.

Someone I loved and my heart refused to accept it was over.

3.45am April 20th: I get this text on my phone. “It’s over. Let’s end it!”

I scream out of my lungs and my cousin woke up startled. She gasped frantically and asked, ‘what happened’?

I wept aloud, ‘He wants to end it… it’s a break up…!

Cousin: Oh that’s it?????

Yes, that’s it and I cried endless in shock

“He might be joking!  Everything shall be fine by morning” (And there always a sign of hope even in depths of despair to be loved)

No it’s for real!!!… (Do you think a filmy style ending or a drama queen appearance?) Because the truth so painful to feel the intense breaking of my heart in pieces. Yes I felt it too, deep and profound… It took years to get it over and move on… Now when I look back, I don’t feel anything. No regrets, No pain or even guilt because I’d already become numb when he said, ‘It’s over’ and I’d cried days and remain in pain inside me without breaking it loose for months.

At an age of 17, it was just nothing… an infatuation. First love is just a teen-y boy face. (I would say) What made me realize is the wound never heals but time makes it pass over everything!  Moreover, the actual realization, nothing appears wonderful in stars or moon or seashore. It’s just our heart plays along when we fall in love. And our heart skips a beat and in split seconds we have bucketful of memories.

There is a happy conclusion. In every storyline, there is one. If you haven’t reached there, life is still mode ON! At the end, make it worth if you really found your soul mate.


Have you ever had someone break your heart? I’d say there are couple of them and not just one. Bitter and spicy at the same time :P


To Our Greatest Teacher

1896812_593263934077075_809516286_nThe day when she heard our cry, she smiled. She couldn’t be more happier than what she asked in her life. When he held you to his chest, he never had been so proud. That was our first love. Next down the road, we had siblings to hold onto as friends, guide and the never-ending fights in us. Family.

To our first teacher, we shall never ever forget her smile and the way she expresses to make us understand. From the time, we love to rhyme A-B-C-D… she encourages further to our first song. That was just the beginning we beamed in pride.

We could speak just as our elders did. They called us Big Girl/Boy when we knew languages to read and speak. We were growing up. I said that to myself. I never knew what waits for me. So shall be it. School. I’d called it.untitled


Then Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Social studies, GK, Mathematics and Art. What could draw us to variegation of differences in our love for subjects! Then you pass that altar, and came to conclusion sticking on to just science or commerce or art. I knew English drew hearts with major lovers interpreting their like for language. There too we had so many people to guide around us. Geography, History, Economics and Chemistry would have never made sense because we were all new to the world of curiosity. Oh! The perfect biology classes to top it all just makes our minds wonder with all hush-push or sketching the faces of men and women. Can’t it be reproductive? Infatuation/ Hormones we blame it but now children… ‘Young wild and free’! Then came professional courses, some read it out from screen as if we can’t read from book. Some takes up the job to earn pocketful. I look back and see the dedication on their faces when they set to help us to achieve our goals. Moreover, that is when I respect them for the daily work and sacrifices that they help us to be.

Today I wonder if there are still determined and skilled teachers out there. May be Yes, There would be however, day by day, they are less paid and their love for the job is degrading so does their choices. In midst of study leave, pacing back and forth, what could be more devastating to face a paper of Greek if after learning so much from giant textbooks? Hope. There was still hope somewhere behind your heart, eagerly praying to almighty that you should pass. God. To the crossroads we stumble, and move ahead breaking walls of doubts and fears, we moved on or got adapted to our newly found fears. Yet we call life. Cause we are Strong!

To our greatest teachers, we owe it to you for breaking the walls of fears and let us through to meet our goals. As I wake up tomorrow to graduate, I look back and see all those lovely faces just made me what I’m today. It can’t be more grateful for their encouragement throughout my life. Love you and big toast for them. Our TEACHERS!!!!

We the Illiterate Literary India

The first thing that hits is the noise BUT that’s the last thing we’ve to bother after all when many other bad habits take the lead such as pissing with your lungis up, red-white-yellow spats on ground, break the rules by entering the one way route, bark on top of your voices to the nearest person, racism, discrimination, gender inequality, mess we create in lands of heaven AND AND AND involving in others business.

We are the educated nuts that got brains still act so illiterate and that’s why our India would never change even with the rising problems we face day to day.

*HONK HONK HONK!! When there is No horn sign put up in front of Hospitals and schools still you test your insanity by honking into a rhythm or just pong pong!1e6123b671b64e3f8bd4f24295235078                                                      Woot! Woot! The Truck is coming this way…

*Lungis up men, Pee parabolic. It reaches a better place unless some red ants crawl your feet.

*Stick No Bills- To the newly painted wall of your house, there comes face of politician, actress with cleavage show or the upcoming movie star showing his flirtatious charming smile, or the death news of someone totally unknown to you.55428366
*Please make way for others: Whom you’re kidding!! Me?? I’m the XYZ, VVVVVIP. I don’t lower my big nutshell for others!550214_395412247148636_1211551618_n
*Whoa… (with a voltage yellow smile) “Colourful item!” Stares from top to bottom, grabs you and whispers, “I LUVVVE YOU BOOTYY…Come with me”a-foreign-woman-tourist-in-India
*Be a Panda! funny-panda-bear-black-white-asian
PREJUDICES that break the mindset of educated (They call themselves) Indians.
*Who cares! After all, it shall rot in there in a daytime. ‘Litters’ through the train window or when there is a trashcan in your vicinity but fails to move your ass and walk to the bin.litter2-533x400
*Watching all day serials that make no sense and acting according to the nonsense crap that influences the educated Indians.f73767a48f749455cfe4b7e4f7e835a74140b5ac4ea55623e891485232f3547b
*Follow the Queue: Coming up with all sorts of excuses to jump to the front line.indiameanings2
*Parking in wrong lot: Being a nuisance to others when you can’t help yourself.24-08-pg4pix1

THIS IS the UNCIVILIZED INDIA! You give them the best facilities and they come in pieces.


This post is response of Indispire#24. Congratulations and Thank You Anita for an awesome idea to blog on. :)

The Other Side of Fear

Thanks to Corinne for asking this question. Because I ask this to myself many times if I’d not stopped counting it!

If there was something I was afraid of… It could be living until end. YES ! All of us face it today or tomorrow. ‘What ifs’ and ‘Will I be’ asking too often than it should’ve ever been… Fear of making wrong decisions… Fear of loving someone truthfully… fear of rejection… fear of trust… fear of meeting someone who might judge you for all the wrong reasons… all sort of phobia’s…and lately “chronophobic” (Fear of time)! Existence has become a matter of competition where you are constantly afraid of failures. I often think from five years from now… will I achieve the dreams I laid my heart on or the silent wishes I grabbed on my way to life, deeply craved in heart. FEAR-an X factor that kills your happiness!

a-leap-of-faithI open up Write Tribe and this is the message that I needed at the moment. A leap of faith! I rewind my thoughts to what I was thinking yesterday and just an hour ago. How I was feeling so low by being so fearful! Remembering the confidence mask that I’ve to pull up in audience and everywhere for that matter. If someone asks you, “why are you quiet” And you’ve no words to speak. From the endless chatter to the silent bee just the fear of talking something stupid or somebody might get hurt…who knows! right? Or the fear of being unpopular and being a puppet.  F-e-a-r a four letter that can create a lot of chaos in human soul preventing to deal with life in confidence makeup. Sad, isn’t it?

The worst part about being strong is no one ever asks if you’re okay!

images (1)

How I deal with Fear?

I try my best to accept and feel the fear. Let it go by taking deep breaths. Take the challenge at one step by gathering up all my courage and walk with braveness! And some things if its meant to happen, it shall come back with a bang at right time! :) If I weren’t fearful, I’d be AWESOME!!!

P.S: This post is written for  Everyday Gyann. Thanks Corinne for the interesting topic as I mentioned above, the reality that’s eating up my happy soul. Hell ya, Fear! Cheers to new beginnings. Have a good day FRIENDS :)



Wordless Wednesday #1

Bluetooth FolderThousands of emotions spin through my mind, I can’t relate which, and which is the one that’s actually bothering me. Is it the dark clouds sneaking in about to shower? Or the beautiful weather that creates an amazing vision that lurks back of my head! Is it the view that I just want to fall in? Or that profound desire to fly high without any feelings… I’d rather call it ‘Home sweet Home’. But this isn’t her home but a sight from her room window. A view that I’d never ever see again… She is leaving this place forever unless she decides to come by and visit this lonesome.

“Lonesome”, Are you kidding me?

“I know you’ve other friends”! She laughs.

I’ve no words to say. I know there is no point in answering her back. Void… That’s what I feel yesterday…now… and after she left…

P.S: This picture is taken last Wednesday. From today opens a new segment launches in my blog and that is ‘Wordless Wednesday‘ where I pen down some ramblings. Do comment and let me know if it rings you any emotion, laugh or tear up! (Lol) Have a good day :)

Book Review: The Best Kept Secret

Out of the Clifton series, this is definitely the third installment of five-part series that Archer left us dazzle in a cliffhanger. Jeffrey portrays the extremity from both evil and excellent qualities, never a middle term for happy go-lucky but only with clear-cut characterization and the most evident British penchant writing style!

Jeffrey Archer Launches Best Kept Secret Book

                                                           Photo credits:

 In 1945-1957, the Clifton saga begins with the Lord Harvey death and that unusual mystery of his non-existence or is it the author felt like to kill a character? (He vanishes into thin air!) Moreover, with the House of Lords deciding on who would inherit the Barrington fortune, they cast a vote from both ends to opt the last fate to a long family tie with the lives of both Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington future. As Harry returns to America to promote his latest novel, his beloved Emma goes in search of an abandoned girl, Jessica Smith her stepsister, the sole witness to her father’s demise found at the night of her father’s office.

When the general election affirmed, Giles Barrington defends his seat in the House of Commons and is horrified to discover the conservatives select against him. The old rivalry gets back in terms of Election as Virginia takes Fischer side to defeat Giles.  However, when the vote is to be decided fisher gets the most. Nevertheless, at last Sebastian Clifton influences his uncle’s destiny.  The death of Elizabeth Barrington (Emma’s Mother) is depressing because that marks the end of a very good daring character and the Lady Virginia brings a slight selfish scheming charm to the book with her being married to Giles and their life together ending soon.

Later Sebastian wins a scholarship to Cambridge and his family is proud of him. After Sebastian is expelled from school, the story line gets a twist with he gets embroiled in an international fraud case involving an art statue that is worth millions than the auction sale as Argentina crook Don Pedro Martinez lures him into trap. Will he be caught in the act or will he be expelled from Cambridge? Would his family punish him? Is his life in danger with an international fraud in loose?

In twisting plots, Archer ensnare us into the lives of Harry Clifton, Emma Barrington, Giles Barrington and Sebastian in terms of love, family and politics. And as always the author kept us in toes, flipping through pages with twists and interesting turns as he has won our hearts in these political plots in more than 250 million copies gone worldwide.

Now what attributes to the title is still a doubtful- Could it be the Jessica well-kept parentage secret or the final twist.

Well well well… What say! There isn’t nothing negative with all due positive, I favour it for 4/5. Oh, I’m the bad teacher and I never give full stars. May be the best-EST of all awaiting somewhere. Truly worth the wait and my eyes are on to the next book on queue “Be careful what you wish for”.

There are amazing offers available in eBay and Flipkart. Please do check out or drop in to nearest library and grab a copy. Keep reading :) Good Day to y’all!

Book Review: The Sins of the Father

With great title comes, better expectations! You’d look at the title and wonder what it could probably be but that’s what the author wants to convey in the book. You’d be whisked by the imagination he brings into fiction by those magical words.


In the second installment of his five PART drama is during 1930 to 1945 happening around England and New York where Harry Clifton dies at the end. Whoops! Really? (Kidding!) The prequel starts from where the first book ends so you have to read the first one in order to know the second volume.

Jeffrey the Author knows to dangle us in suspense. The narrative structure is just the same as the first book revealing the different perspective of each character peeling layer by layer into different forms. Archer connects all these characters expressing their views into one strong main character Harry Clifton. In this sequel, there is a promising future for Emma Barrington and Clifton. However, things don’t fall in place once Harry gets to know the long buried family secret and he doesn’t get to marry his love. In addition, since the Britain had declared war on Germany, he decided to join merchant navy. Nevertheless, his ship sinks in ocean and all his crew members die except him and an American sailor Tom Bradshaw that gets rescued by American cruise liner Kansas. Bradshaw dies that following night and In order to remain safe and forget his past, Harry assumes a different identity. What awaited him in New York is a total surprise of six years of prison life as Tom Bradshaw which is far worse than his past!

I personally felt the first book is much better than this one because the suspense is realistic but here isn’t one you quite live up to your expectations. I still read it on cause I want to know what could be the ending. In the middle it’s bit dragging but it’s okay if you just turn pages and try to understand what Archer would like to tell through his story. Presently I’m onto the fourth volume and I feel its OK to read it. CAUSE for some unknown reason I like the way its written plus it has some tale to it. I liked towards the ending where Clifton joins Merchant Navy and its a suspense when he is handcuffed with a different identity. Now rest is up to you to judge. This isn’t the best book of what he is written but you got to read the story to know what comes next.

Read on this perk stuff even if its slow. Give a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

Good day to y’all.

Book Review: Only Time Will Tell

Clifton Chronicles #1 (2011)images (4)

Three days and I’m done reading the first part, a National Bestseller. I’ve to buck up my reading pace to know what’s next. Jeffrey Archer forces us to indulge and leaves us hanging at the end forcing us to read the next one on series. The truth is I’ve never read any of Jeffrey Archer works before may be cause of its small font or the number of pages that makes me stuck to read till end. Whatever made me read to its first page turn out to finish until last the fourth volume.

Jeffrey Howard Archer, born of 15 April 1940 is a former politician who had resigned twice from Parliament after disputes in some financial scandal. His books sold over 250 million copies over which Clifton chronicles one of the best.

“I was told that my father was killed in the war”

Clifton Chronicles begins with Harry Clifton life from Great War to the outbreak of second war. His story tails from 1919 with a tragic part about his father’s death in the backstreet of Bristol.

Along the lines you might compare harry life with the character of Harry in Harry Potter because somewhere between those lines is a slight scheme of ‘rags to riches’ or am I thinking too much? He gets scholarship in an exclusively boys public school where he gets better education. Moreover, he falls in love with an attractive woman and daughter of Hugo Barrington, the owner of the shipping line where Harry’s Father had worked.

Harry’s father, a doc worker in Bristol died in an accident is a mystery since the cause is unknown to him and his mother,  Maise Clifton. Uncle Stan (Maise Brother) never tells the truth what had happened to Harry’s father.  When he gets to know the awful truth that there is a possibility that he could be the first-born son or heir to the shipping line. There goes us again gripping the book even further thinking of ideas while making our imagination wonder.

At the age of 12, Harry sings in the choir as the solo lead where the boys and girls of his age never had a talent that is rare like his. His mother works hard by changing jobs as a waitress and with sole determination enrolls him in best school and education. He befriends with Giles Barrington, the son of Hugo Barrington, owner of Bristol shipping company. However, Barrington hates him for no clear reason, which leaves our curiosity to know why. It may have a predictable twist but I believe in not admitting it after all what suspense it could be if you know it. The path to a great riches  is the obstacles that comes with great tensions and to know whether he’d be bullied or how shall he see the world when his father got killed in war as they say. Will he and Giles be friends forever? Or will Emma accept him the way he is? Will he get a scholarship to Bristol Grammar School?  Will his mother’s tea shop succeed so that she can pay the fees? Everything revolves around Harry but with the number of question marks bring us the twist that would enlighten the story.

“By the way Harry… I’ve just read your essay on Jane Austen, and I was fascinated by your suggestion that if Miss Austen had been able to go to university, she might never have written a novel, and even if she had, her work probably wouldn’t have been so insightful.’

‘Sometimes it’s an advantage to be disadvantaged,’ said Harry.

‘That doesn’t sound like Jane Austen,’ said Mr Frobisher.

‘It wasn’t,’ replied Harry. ‘But it was said by someone else who didn’t go to university,’ he added without explanation.”

The narration part from the first volume is excellent as told from various perceptive and each version carries us to an element of suspense. The story ends with a cliffhanger and earning to buy another of his book to read the rest of the mystery.

Loved all the books from his series except in second volume you may find it bit dragging somewhere in middle and all too predictable ending in second volume of Clifton chronicles. Clifton Chronicles is a mixture of family, friendship and romance in middle of history. However, It’s a very good book and language is simple and appreciable. Lovely read and I ‘d give a 4.5 stars /5.

I recommend this book. This book is available in amazon, ebay and all other book marts. Get it from flipkart India as there are amazing offers for paperback copies.

Yes ‘Only Time will tell’ as his life from the orphaned son from 20th century to oh lord – only time will tell! Read up and stay tuned for more reviews. :)

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Book Review: Matters of the Heart

matters_heartOh, don’t get it wrong! I know it’s a nice title. Overwhelming with romantic emotions and way beyond imagination when you think it didn’t reach up to any of your expectations.  BUT, the subtitle says it all, ‘Beneath the charm, there lurked the dangers of an obsessive love‘.

Danielle Fernandes Dominsque Schuelein Steel in short what  you’d know as Danielle Steel brings to you Matters of the heart out of her many written compositions published. This American author has several to her hand in years. Among those, this being the second one  I read of hers. First being ‘Happy Birthday’ a typical female oriented story where some things make sense and others quite romantic.

Reading first few pages gets a glimpse of strong independent female photographer Hope having her time of life. A journey from darkness to light as author describes her independent single life from heartbroken of an ex husband having cancer at an early age as dark and lightness basks in love or finds hope in cracks of mundane life. She could feel the mixed emotions of joy and grief as the serenity of every nook and corner of world as she looks through the lens falls in her eyes. She isn’t looking for Mr perfect but it all falls in place as she gets this offer to shoot for a celebrated writer and wants her to photo shoot him.

With money comes success as does his charms, Finn O’Neil is a ticket to happiness and ‘perfect life’ to the quite despairing Hope. They instantly fall for each other and finds one another irresistible.  In midst of Danielle story about obsessive love and dark secrets, there are missing links in his lines, the lies in his innocence, and bouts of jealousy that unnerves her bringing us to a conclusion of  Hope both in confused, and ultimately frightened of the man she loves. What more lies is the adoring man of hers hiding? Is it possible if it could be any worse? Would a sociopath could have a powerful influence on an average person into the trap being emotionally wrecked.

All too soon the story begins with a strong character and ends in a naive love. It’s not a jigsaw puzzle cause the mystery unveils too quickly.

I personally didn’t like the writing style because it’s more like a rich lady-poor man or a rich man- poor lady gets the story ride to best seller easy. Typical love scheme I’d say.

If nothing, toss up for this one. Quick to read and simple language!

2 stars out of 5 :) This book is available in amazon, ebay and all the book marts. Good Day to you all! Stay tuned. :)