A warm welcome to all who popped your head into my space, HELLO!

It’s been so long that I’m out of here, updating once or twice not really working out the plan, however, that doesn’t mean I quit blogging. (NOWAYS) So here I’m taking a long break from blogging. Yes, With all hopes of coming back with a BANG! I’m going for a long vacation to this place of solitude where I’m going to learn something new, discover places, acquaintance with new faces. Al this while, it’s been hell deciding what to do and what not. So finally, it’s an answer to some souls out there who thought I vanished from blogosphere.

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Love you all


In Solitude

10929237_754368777966589_9202561294346025119_nWrapped warmly in so called life

Dark shadows gape at thy vigour

Silence as drops of wavering breaths

Hush down the coldness in sighs

Was the wind so blind?

To brush my hair apart or

 To hear me cry

Tears rolling down

 Moment of Guilt

In Solitude…

Gawking at my naked fear

Of Living a life unseen

Yearning to belong somewhere

Somewhere mighty high

Is it a struggle, she claims?

A feeling just killing me deep

Profoundly in pieces to heart melancholy

In solitude

I pray, Not to see her again…

I hope it rains in this part of town

Where world doesn’t find me.

A solitary place

 Is not where I should belong

this isn’t the journey of happiness, I desire

Time bewitches me yet again

Irony of hope making it nowhere

In solitude,

In smiles

In Joys

In life everlasting

Does this count?

I whimper, This can’t be me

And I still find curtains of pelt

Hovering over me

And I say, why?

Why me.

In solitude, I remain

With absolutely nothing to gain

And did she say, ‘Time heals’?

I turn away

Only with Power, I breathe

And pretend to wear my mask

Wishing thy end of this state of elevation…

For now,

I love this warmth in solitude…

In pretense, it’s ended for now!

Author Notes:- Welcome you all to my first post of 2015! This year my whole set of plans changed and I’m taking break from many writing challenges. Next time I post online, It would be a surprise. This is in response to IndiSpire (https://www.indiblogger.in/indispire) challenge of the week.

Back From Cocoon into Procrastination

Hello all! :)

This isn’t me sleeping in the bird’s nest but would look like one if you climb five stored building and knock my abandoned door.


Photo Credits: Google Images

Back from hibernation since my last post of about two months. Before I end up moving out and constantly fretting on why am I not opening up my entrance books, I’d update my blog which is left alone for a while and needed my solid attention. 

See it isn’t my problem, I must say my lazy bones had gained extra kilo and my legs can’t take the weight of my junk walking like an elephant. Plus I’d say patients are eating up my brains.”Nope”, the kind one is losing her self earned patience.We become machines at the end of the day and we pat our backs and beam, ‘Experience’! Why does Devils disguise in angelic faces? Phew… calling our ancestors doesn’t work for your charm however, you’ve to wait in the queue.

Doctor had gone for a meeting, Sir.

Please do wait, Sir!

How long I’d been waiting here with my family?

Please do wait for some… more time…

See you’re taking advantage of Government official, we’re also working in Government offices like you. Are you all Doctors???

I want to shout out loud, ‘Hello’, I’m not your doctor. I can also raise my voice. And we aren’t government people. We just give free services. Free doesn’t come in patience, travel fees and Time. And again he goes barking, blah!

Out of nowhere, Specialized Doctor comes and gives an appointment to the patient. Again he starts, we travel long way why aren’t you checking or starting my treatment.

I’m not your Doctor…. arghhh

We’re also Government people. you are just fooling us!!!

You came late. Your treatment can’t be started just like that. Doctor has to decide when to call you in his free time.

I turn back and walk. Ignorance. Call me heart stoned. It doesn’t matter. I say Drama is over and I’m heading to my world of peace.

Peace? I’d say to my world of thinking too loud!

After all this I see patients who tolerate my pinching,pulling their cheeks, lips and innumerable times of opening-closing mouth. They should yell at me for the intense struggle however they smile, understand and value… when I hear my voice echoing back. Why can’t others be the same?

Not necessary everything has to be the same. Isn’t it? Cramming up my last few case work in two days time… catching up my last-minute trials and fittings to a perfect class smile…tired after work thinking of too much futuristic and what could be done and what not? Tomorrow is always a better day for bigger promises isn’t it?

To read out more, check out my first Guest post at vishalbheeroo! Vishal, You’ve praised me so much that I’d to read once again and again. :) The joy of reading once appraise and I’m loving it. So you all can check out his blog which comes in awesome write ups and splendid stories. If you all like what you see please do leave your word-print in form of comments and likes. I’d like to know what your views on the above same. Hahah until later I come back with my character wits, hasta la vista!

(God knows what that means)

Good Bye!

Kikibee (A dentist by profession and a writer from heart) :)


Book Review: The Cuckoo Calling

rowling_galbraithThe much-awaited anticipation was over when I got hold of this paperback copy from flipkart. Out from one of my favourite author something different, and yet magical with the title.

THE CUCKOO’S CALLING from J.K.Rowling as Robert Galbraith

SUNDAY TIMES says J.K Rowling’s crime debut (pen name as Robert Galbraith) beguilingly shows that she can renounce magic and yet be magical.

I don’t have to mention about the great author and the much appreciated J.K Rowling! Everyone knows her through the Harry Potter series and the magic plotted on the vibrant characters. However, in here, it’s a total setback. I added this to my collection purely due to her name in it.

The opening page is with ten different reviews about the book, ‘it’s excellent’ and some being ‘accomplished piece’ and so on… BUT I’m totally disappointed with the storyline. It’s just a straight line and no twists or turns. Pretty much, you’d get the cliché and its bit dragging here and there. All I liked is the choice of words and that is what I totally admired in her writing.

Cormoran Strike, an ex-military and now a private investigator hired by John Bristow, a lawyer and adopted brother of Lula Landry, a super model send to investigate Lula’s suicide a mystery takeover. Though the point to note is, Strike doesn’t have any experience o solving any crimes and it’s definitely a first time. The Police close the case of the celebrity with a suicide conclusion as she had a troubled childhood background and a chaotic life with the wild crowd of fame. They consider the statement released by the producer’s wife who heard an argument upstairs in her room.

Strike meets Robin, his temporary secretary who’s keen to delve on clues of Lula death mystery and get an answer. Despite the fact, he can barely afford her; she is competent to help him out with the mystery turnover. With panorama from glamour world starting from pricey restaurants to fashion fiesta and paparazzi buzzing in and around her world, this fiction could be a definitely bollywood flick. However, the scenes are flickering with each page displaying the contemporary lifestyle with vivid feeling of London atmosphere bringing us into a peek of streets and city life and what keeps hooked is their engaging roles Robert and Strike.

Rowling is best at characters bringing out their characteristic traits or may be the descriptions neat setting our imaginative minds a toss. What makes it so readable is her writing where she taunts to pull out the thesaurus and renounces magic with exquisite words. Of all the vocabulary words, that she flogs our head guilt of not knowing many such we have to refresh our head to read each line carefully. I fell in love with her writing but I wished it could have done better with the story line. Nevertheless, I’m not here to criticize with the story because she had tried magic with Harry Potter and Casual Vacancy in a political shot. So bringing another genre from her creative rut is absolutely exemplary.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. Grab a copy of this if you want to fall in love with words.

Bucket List

As soon as anyone starts telling you to be realistic, cross that person off your invitation list -John Eliot

Every One has something to pursue in life, some are like secret wishes deep inside your heart to fulfill and some, If I’m fortunate enough I wish IT could come by ma way. The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.

I want to travel the length and breadth of the world however I know its quite impossible so I scrutinize my travel list to Europe, Times Square, Maldives and Paris. Plus may be some beautiful destinations adding to the list And India! (Never seen Taj Mahal, the symbol of love) :(


2. LOVE: Finding the one. Being scared of this intense feeling, it is caution to fall for anyone in that matter. Therefore, I’d wish to hold his arm and perhaps may walk up to Eiffel Tower. Lol. (Do you think its big?)


3. Once I woke up with this dream of being a part of special NGO. Not owning it but being a part of it may be a helping aid to them or bring a smile to their faces.
Once when I posted in Pedodontics department, they had conducted a special campaign for handicapped kids. Looking at this old grown up blind boy crying, my eyes watered. The sight I saw was KD Doc feeding him a glass of water and he was crying. He couldn’t speak like us, can’t see the world, can’t move around, but everything was given to us and still we misuse it.


4. TOMMOROWLAND: Like any other concert, I want to be in this one. The Huge package of famous people playing awesome music. I want to LIVE IN IT!!

avicii tomorrowland 2013 avicii live tomorrowland night time hd

5. Dance:

Dance is definitely my passion. Even if I’m 50+, I want to dance and SHAKE IT OUT. And may be those days I would happily dance with the one.


6. Blog: I am taking it slow by updating it whenever I’ve time and one day I shall have my own one. Hopefully with a freshly pressed tag and a book too under my name.



8. I want to Run marathon :

Definitely not an easy feat but with hard work and determination I would. Twice I’d participated 10 km run and the next hurdle is a 26.2 km one up on my list.

9. I want to go for River Rafting and Scuba diving and jump from high.

Yes and a click a picture of me from palm jumeirah.10675527_10152753416289595_6077691032353623759_n
10. I want to get rid of this fear within me. Public speaking in front of 1000 people.

Live in beautiful city.

See snow.

Own a beach house.

I want to kiss a dolphin….

AND The list goes on… Damn why 10? (LOL) I want to see your bucket list too. Update it! :) #LifeDeathBucketList #Indispire

If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep

The Invisible Scar

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”Rumi


How True! Many at times, scars are so deep that you’d forget to engage in LIFE. It would just take a roller coaster ride inside your head and heart already HAD gone into a toss.

Wounds are always a reminder that things happen due to a reason. For Better and ALWAYS Good!

images (3)

A constant reminder to bring you into where you’d be…

A reminder you’ve faced to climb high and yet you were shattered… BUT that’s when you should know YOU ARE STRONG! Time hasn’t arrived for your ultimate success.


Yesterday and Today there are lot of differences in you. Yesterday are just mistakes however, today you’re strong and YES You’re confident to move on.

Time heals ! It just make you realize you’re more capable and have more abilities to capture world into your arms. Be a Survivor, heartbroken or what so ever!  An ‘option’ to somebody who walks over your heart is bitter but the story is incomplete without a happy ending. You have done a good deed, believe!

When my heart is in pieces, I let it out. May be I cry or anger or denial or may fall into depression for a while or may be Hatred! Hating life so much? Have you ever tried meditating? Or just yell it loud what’s wrong? You’d get the answer! (OR NOT, eventually you’d!) Life is never going to come with ease. Everyday you are going to face problems and no one life is PROBLEM-Free! I’m glad everybody has them to make all us live life. We learn from our mistakes. Every time we fall, we remember to survive and to fight harder than before.


So STOP CONTROLLING, live life loud and stop walking among the dead! You are AWESOME…

P.S: I’m not perfect, still not! During these years, Life has taught some lessons and one among them is to move on and let life come at its free will. Take a chill pill and ride in style! :D

images (4)

Book Review: Be Careful what you wish for

229237-vintage1Archer recites a political family drama from 1957 to 1964, describing the character of Harry Clifton as a poor rich-war dramatically hero and best-selling crime writer along with the supporting character Emma Barrington, first woman chairperson of her family shipping company. After three books of his chronicles is yet another one casting from construction of a luxury liner, which becomes a bane for Martinez.

Be Careful What You Wish For opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident from rash driving. Nevertheless, who died, Sebastian or his best friend Bruno?

When Ross Buchanan resigns from the Chairman post, Don Pedro Martinez instate his marionette Major Alex Fisher to take over the Barrington Company where Buchanan wants Emma to be the next chairperson. As Emma presumes her leadership in Barrington, Martinez schemes out a plan to bring whole lot misery for the family. In between with so many characters , there is another one playing a minor role, Cedric Hardcastle, a bluff Yorkshire man by taking his place in Barrington board. Hardcastle’s first decision is who to support the next chairman of the board: Emma Clifton or Major Alex Fisher?

What I liked about Hardcastle is his part in bringing up the revenge on Martinez but I don’t get the point when he gave his assurance to Major Fisher of taking over his bank. Why him? In between Jessica wins a scholarship and win over hearts through her artistic skills. She falls in love with Clive Bingham, the son of the owner Mr Robert Bingham (Owner of fish paste) but Archer cranks with another twist with Jessica’s suicidal stunt. Hardcastle and Bingham join a complex scheme to manipulate the Barrington stock price to bankrupt the Argentinean. In many places, you’d see the character of Sebastian Clifton highlighted, In this book too you’d get to see his growth from student life to Hardcastle’s most loyal assistant.

At the end of this book, you’d feel paranoid about lot of stuffs too many unexplained pieces and storyline not making sense. To a fast-paced plot, this one is a bit floppy one with broken up narration. It’s quite dampening to read something like this from one of the bestselling authors. But that doesn’t stop readers to put the book down with all anticipation for the next one, the author yet ended the book on a cliffhanger. But clips of clichés makes me plot my story line of his next best-selling of his series.

I would give it a3.5 out of 5 stars. Yes, Clifton chronicles was definitely the best series Iv read after Harry Potter. Though it may not be up to the mark, but author definitely gave it justice by sticking to the plot!!!

“You’re so bossy.” “Why is a woman always described as bossy, when if a man did the same thing he’d be thought of as decisive, commanding and displaying qualities of leadership?”

Jeffrey Archer, Be Careful What You Wish For

“A work of art is worth what someone will pay for it.”
Jeffrey Archer, Be Careful What You Wish For

I too had somebody

8054_zps5acfaff1Yes, I too had someone.

Someone I loved and my heart refused to accept it was over.

3.45am April 20th: I get this text on my phone. “It’s over. Let’s end it!”

I scream out of my lungs and my cousin woke up startled. She gasped frantically and asked, ‘what happened’?

I wept aloud, ‘He wants to end it… it’s a break up…!

Cousin: Oh that’s it?????

Yes, that’s it and I cried endless in shock

“He might be joking!  Everything shall be fine by morning” (And there always a sign of hope even in depths of despair to be loved)

No it’s for real!!!… (Do you think a filmy style ending or a drama queen appearance?) Because the truth so painful to feel the intense breaking of my heart in pieces. Yes I felt it too, deep and profound… It took years to get it over and move on… Now when I look back, I don’t feel anything. No regrets, No pain or even guilt because I’d already become numb when he said, ‘It’s over’ and I’d cried days and remain in pain inside me without breaking it loose for months.

At an age of 17, it was just nothing… an infatuation. First love is just a teen-y boy face. (I would say) What made me realize is the wound never heals but time makes it pass over everything!  Moreover, the actual realization, nothing appears wonderful in stars or moon or seashore. It’s just our heart plays along when we fall in love. And our heart skips a beat and in split seconds we have bucketful of memories.

There is a happy conclusion. In every storyline, there is one. If you haven’t reached there, life is still mode ON! At the end, make it worth if you really found your soul mate.


Have you ever had someone break your heart? I’d say there are couple of them and not just one. Bitter and spicy at the same time :P


To Our Greatest Teacher

1896812_593263934077075_809516286_nThe day when she heard our cry, she smiled. She couldn’t be more happier than what she asked in her life. When he held you to his chest, he never had been so proud. That was our first love. Next down the road, we had siblings to hold onto as friends, guide and the never-ending fights in us. Family.

To our first teacher, we shall never ever forget her smile and the way she expresses to make us understand. From the time, we love to rhyme A-B-C-D… she encourages further to our first song. That was just the beginning we beamed in pride.

We could speak just as our elders did. They called us Big Girl/Boy when we knew languages to read and speak. We were growing up. I said that to myself. I never knew what waits for me. So shall be it. School. I’d called it.untitled


Then Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Social studies, GK, Mathematics and Art. What could draw us to variegation of differences in our love for subjects! Then you pass that altar, and came to conclusion sticking on to just science or commerce or art. I knew English drew hearts with major lovers interpreting their like for language. There too we had so many people to guide around us. Geography, History, Economics and Chemistry would have never made sense because we were all new to the world of curiosity. Oh! The perfect biology classes to top it all just makes our minds wonder with all hush-push or sketching the faces of men and women. Can’t it be reproductive? Infatuation/ Hormones we blame it but now children… ‘Young wild and free’! Then came professional courses, some read it out from screen as if we can’t read from book. Some takes up the job to earn pocketful. I look back and see the dedication on their faces when they set to help us to achieve our goals. Moreover, that is when I respect them for the daily work and sacrifices that they help us to be.

Today I wonder if there are still determined and skilled teachers out there. May be Yes, There would be however, day by day, they are less paid and their love for the job is degrading so does their choices. In midst of study leave, pacing back and forth, what could be more devastating to face a paper of Greek if after learning so much from giant textbooks? Hope. There was still hope somewhere behind your heart, eagerly praying to almighty that you should pass. God. To the crossroads we stumble, and move ahead breaking walls of doubts and fears, we moved on or got adapted to our newly found fears. Yet we call life. Cause we are Strong!

To our greatest teachers, we owe it to you for breaking the walls of fears and let us through to meet our goals. As I wake up tomorrow to graduate, I look back and see all those lovely faces just made me what I’m today. It can’t be more grateful for their encouragement throughout my life. Love you and big toast for them. Our TEACHERS!!!!

We the Illiterate Literary India

The first thing that hits is the noise BUT that’s the last thing we’ve to bother after all when many other bad habits take the lead such as pissing with your lungis up, red-white-yellow spats on ground, break the rules by entering the one way route, bark on top of your voices to the nearest person, racism, discrimination, gender inequality, mess we create in lands of heaven AND AND AND involving in others business.

We are the educated nuts that got brains still act so illiterate and that’s why our India would never change even with the rising problems we face day to day.

*HONK HONK HONK!! When there is No horn sign put up in front of Hospitals and schools still you test your insanity by honking into a rhythm or just pong pong!1e6123b671b64e3f8bd4f24295235078                                                      Woot! Woot! The Truck is coming this way…

*Lungis up men, Pee parabolic. It reaches a better place unless some red ants crawl your feet.

*Stick No Bills- To the newly painted wall of your house, there comes face of politician, actress with cleavage show or the upcoming movie star showing his flirtatious charming smile, or the death news of someone totally unknown to you.55428366
*Please make way for others: Whom you’re kidding!! Me?? I’m the XYZ, VVVVVIP. I don’t lower my big nutshell for others!550214_395412247148636_1211551618_n
*Whoa… (with a voltage yellow smile) “Colourful item!” Stares from top to bottom, grabs you and whispers, “I LUVVVE YOU BOOTYY…Come with me”a-foreign-woman-tourist-in-India
*Be a Panda! funny-panda-bear-black-white-asian
PREJUDICES that break the mindset of educated (They call themselves) Indians.
*Who cares! After all, it shall rot in there in a daytime. ‘Litters’ through the train window or when there is a trashcan in your vicinity but fails to move your ass and walk to the bin.litter2-533x400
*Watching all day serials that make no sense and acting according to the nonsense crap that influences the educated Indians.f73767a48f749455cfe4b7e4f7e835a74140b5ac4ea55623e891485232f3547b
*Follow the Queue: Coming up with all sorts of excuses to jump to the front line.indiameanings2
*Parking in wrong lot: Being a nuisance to others when you can’t help yourself.24-08-pg4pix1

THIS IS the UNCIVILIZED INDIA! You give them the best facilities and they come in pieces.


This post is response of Indispire#24. Congratulations and Thank You Anita for an awesome idea to blog on. :)