A Letter for your Soul: Be Bold and Be Beautiful

A letter for your soul, There had been nights where sleep didn't adhere to my wishes, neither dreams weren't fulfilling to sort out my goals. 'Being anxious of tomorrow' was once and still takes quiet a toll on me. 'To be bold, To be brave, To be You' was definitely a delusion created amongst so... Continue Reading →

#BlogchatterAtoZ: From Dusk till Dawn -Acceptance

A Letter to your soul, Very unprecedented days with this lockdown, not knowing what lies ahead of us. Don't let that put you down. Not knowing, 'Uncertainity'- we consciously believe that the world is pandemic, into unconsciously wired that the universe is nothing but hatred.  Love. Apart from the word bliss, to feel that emotion,... Continue Reading →

Theme Reveal: #BlogchatterAtoZ

Every year my home feed gets filled with this amazing April blogging challenge and I too, once, was part of it (2014). Due to time constraints and ever evolving medico life I'd to leave it behind. (Maybe I lost the interest) Though I started my blogging journey from 2012, I was never sincerely 'blogging'. The... Continue Reading →

Inky writings of a Chai lover

Picture courtesy: Photo challenge #303 To wake up lone in the bedside asymmetrical cold and apart, when once we were united- warm honey and mushy alike.. Vividly black, moist and sweet chai intoxicate our aroma's delight. Each cup of brown's, an imaginary voyage Be it lavender, Be it jasmine, breaks our whispering lips. Away with... Continue Reading →

A Letter to you #COVID2019

Hello on the other side, Amidst all this chaos, I wished I knew from where this meme came by but absurdly its humorous and disturbingly accurate to break this chain. Easier said than done! Humans have been isolated in Corona wards, hospitals or at their houses and socially distancing when stepping out to buy groceries,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Ikigai – The Japanese secret to a Long and Happy Life

Have you found your ikigai? Ikigai means 'a reason for being' - to find a purpose for living a serene life until end or according to thy book: "Life to be worthwhile"

Kiss the Air

Pic courtesy: Photo challenge Over the summer carnival break costumed in painted faces of lovers jellying in happiness spell of bougainvillea spiraling splendidly Like a kaleidoscope of colours in the whispering air To the drum melody beats To the soft fluffy wispy clouds spun into a tornado of sweetness  sensations vanish with our lips sealed... Continue Reading →

Destiny, Belief, and Hope! #MondayMusings

It hit me out from nowhere! I stepped out onto the balcony for some fresh air to enjoy some me-time. The cool breeze and the pink flowers lit my world into happiness. The joy of enjoying the little moments with your black tea and a pinch of strawberry. Ah... Splendid! Enjoying for a millisecond, the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Don’t Ever Tell by Lucy Dawson

Never make a promise you can’t afford to keep… This is the first book I read of Lucy Dawson, though her other book Daughter seems to have better reviews than this one. (Let me not be the judge of that yet!) Book Title: Don't Ever Tell Author Name: Lucy Dawson My ratings: 3/5 My Notes:... Continue Reading →

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