Out of my way, Got another one alive!

2 Apr


Pic Courtesy: Kavan Cardoza

Waiting at the train station
Watching the dark shades of amber
Flood the sky
Time ticks in second’s
Crowd swarms in no hour
In weary gloomy faces.
Sitting on the wooden edge,
I stretch my arms wide
Standing, my knuckles jabber an exasperated sigh
Leaving bereaved soul, I move
Dashing through swinging arms of strangers
Dive between toddlers & elders
Between bobbing heads, I gallop
Looking ahead at flashy screen updates
Quite an hour to go home“, I anticipate
Stroll along the jobless minds
Catch sign board at my periphery
Cotton candies,
jelly beans,
Marshmallows –
Taste buds scheme a new play
Lost count of colourful gems
Until caress a mouth melt down
No money to pay, I sigh
Happily hung over new obsession
With a stupid grin, I wander
Down the diagonal alley
‘Hey Kid, do you want some candy? ‘
In daze, Turned to a gun in sight
Gasp a silent breath
Shusssshhh! I exhale
Tears fail to fall
Fear course my veins
Try to calm my heart
But I tremble.
Screamed the morning papers
No room to grieve,
Paid no attention to plea
Vicious eyes appear from nowhere
Hidden under cloak of darkness
Dangerous, it yell!
Hear thy wakening sign of help
Felt the clutch loosen, I quiver
Until a cold plunge a harsh reality
Panting for my dear life
A Uniformed Officer ran to shady spot
Gunshot resounding the Hallway
Silently, I took the peace in air
Until bells of a raging train whistle
Calling to step backward
Catching hold of my clinched heart,
I step abroad
Darkness wrapped me inside
Wiped a silent tear
By strange velvety hands
Held my sight to horrid one
“Hello dear,
How about we step in together!
We don’t want to bother police!!”

An evil Laugh resound forever in my ears

This is in response to mindlovemiserysmenagerie Photo Challenge #106. Those who interested click on the link and add up your entry. THANK YOU NEERAJ! Great challenge.

P.S: This is the last post for awhile and I’ll be back after my exams. Soon cya until miss me:)


Did you call me, Sin?

30 Apr


Credits: Mira Nedyalkova

They snatched my sanity and courage away from my dreams. Threw me to the wolves to slash their teeth in my flesh. Burned my bones until it bled blue. And yet I don’t know, I can’t numb the pain. I can feel it in every single ache.

Pain is surreal. Awakening my inner demons into fierceness but it fails to seek justice. I want to rip my heart. The torture, it screams way beyond my throat chokes but nobody hears my voice. Like a dead plea, I feel numb. For me, my ears heard a sound like hundreds of birds flapping their wings in panic. Perhaps it was heart, I don’t know.

Did you call me, Sin?
What are you, Hypocrite?

They’ve convinced you, you are longer needed in here. Yet you want to believe in love, your dreams. That unconditional one. Silence becomes your art of language. Every touch is pain speared in depth. Deep thy soul. Scared of life unseen. In cold, you shiver in insecurities your life bound. Just like death knocked you down & doesn’t allow you to breathe. You wake up in a pool of red. That has become your life. Shame. You try to walk. You can. You want to do every harm possible to the world that made you crippled. You seek revenge. You want to live your life the way you dreamed. Yes, you will. You break the clichés of life that they called. Those they mocked out loud. You seek power. And you will fly eventually.
Nobody is tied down. It’s our insecurities that make us low.
Only you. You can decide to live your life.

I hope you to be kind when you know how it feels not to be kind.
I hope you see the rainbow when there aren’t rainbows and still wish to see the essences of life.
I hope you take that extra step to be the way you want the world to see you. Just the way you are.
I hope you don’t hurt anyone. When you know how much it feels at the receiving end.
I hope you forgive the ones who deserves less.
Above all, I hope you be a happy soul.
Spreading happiness. Simple and humble being to be.


Not sure what prompt me to respond my writing like this but I hope I’ve done justice to the Photo above.
Thank you Neeraj !
Thank you Mira for the deeply thought provoking picture. This is in response to Photo Challenge #110 of Mindlovemisery’smenagerie.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your comments.

Book Review: The Girl On the Train

30 Apr

Paula. Paula Hawkins. That’s her, An Ex- Journalist for 15 years, born as Leo in 1972, raised in Salisbury before her first hit last year. This mystery thriller is this year upcoming movie.
Paula Hawkins

“You don’t know her
But she knows you”

The opening line captures your mind to know about this girl on the train. What’s so interesting about her? Rachel.

Paula Hawkins tells us a fiction story of Rachel Watson who takes the same commuter train to London daily. She knows the train stops at 8:04 in the red signal. She observes this lovely couple through the window and names them as Jess and Jason, a perfect lovely couple!

Rachel wishes her life would be like the perfect loving couple like that of Jess and Jason. But she is a divorcee, alcoholic, overweight, unemployed and pretty much leads a low self esteem life. And everyday she watches them as a muse until she finds Jess kissing a stranger in their lawn so initimately. Is she cheating her husband? Is that her secret lover? She is keen to know about Jess life who stays ten blocks away from her ex-husband Tom Watson and present wife Anna. Until Megan aka Jess is missing one day and the whole London news is about her missing facade.

Where did she go missing?
Did boyfriend abuse her?
Or did husband find out?

The story revolves around three dominant characters Rachel, Megan and Anna written in their perspective. I liked the writing style but for a thriller, I felt bit slow paced. I finished up reading it in two days and I’m filled with mixed reactions. Totally Unsatisfying ending.

-An average read.

For a quick read, you can pick up this one with an iced tea flavoured peach.😀

Did you read the book? What you felt about it? What is your present read?

Stay tuned for more updates. And Stay indoors and avoid the scorching heat. Phew! Summer heat tiring isn’t it?


Magic Spell

1 Apr


“That’s when I realised, I wish to see the world through his giant black orbs
And That smile on his face makes it easier for the world to brighten up –
If you only knew, How much we feel happy when our hearts fill with your milky giggles. Like a spell, you cast our hearts to be..”

Love Aunt Kiki

#Haiku : Dance

31 Mar


Pic Courtesy: Google Images

Wings flutter close by

Catch last breath in gleamy smile

Sync souls to toe wild

– Love KiKibee

“Dancing with the feet is one thing and Dancing with heart is another”

I found Love

29 Mar

That day…
I found love and I desired for that longing…

Love is…

Walking along the shore line
Holding each other arms
Humming that classic love song
And tries to catch her smile..
As crimson hue overwhelm the sky
Guiding her against the puddles in toes
Leaves a trail behind
Of a memorable day & smiles
Chattering about childhood memories
Or moments of laughter & frown
Or gossiping like yesteryear
Fills the empty void with love
And promise to visit again..
Weary, grey haired and still the handsome
Fallen in love with the grey wrinkled beauty-
Age never matters to hold her &
Beam in love all the time.

image Pic Courtesy: Google Images

Two weeks back, I and my cousin had gone for a night drive to Shanmugham Beach, Trivandrum Kerala. A famous tourist spot.
Sitting on the rocks around 8pm, we saw the crowd swarm through the entire sea shore. Some were shop vendors selling hot peanuts packed in cone papers, cheesy popcorns or fruits cut in pieces. Anything to enjoy the romantic mood or day away from busy jotting city. Amidst all noises, blaring sounds, disco lights and chaos, we were catching up on life, marriage and our family, hearing to waves shatter against the rocks. Then we saw this very old couple hold hands together and stroll away from beach to roadside. At that moment, my cousin spoke affectionately what I’d in my mind, “I wish to grow old and have love like them”



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29 Mar

A Sketch by me. Posted Originally in Instagram.

You shall stand back
And ponder on
Matters to the Heart
Lose yourself
Into this deep abyss
-Apprehensive Soul-
Trapped behind bars
Dangling in strings of misery
-A Catastrophe Lifestyle-
“Why me?”
Stand by, Gazelle
Wait to devour into pieces
May replace your words
Dying agony call
Not all Sundays,
You watch Rainbows!
Somewhere Someone
May be lil hope to strengthen
That facade
Walk over in circles
And stamp hard over demons
Beat the shit
“You don’t care”
If Simon, Harry or Paul not there
“It’s okay!”
You are breathing, ain’t you?
You have come to this Earth,
Go back in ease, my Friend!
You deserve wings of Peace
Everything may fall into pieces
Hold on tight.

“People Don’t Change, Their Priorities do”
– Kikibee


#Haiku – Love

28 Mar


                Pic Courtesy: Google Images

Entwined creations

Lock in heaven’s indulgence

Seal with kiss of love

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That Day

26 Mar

That day…
When the Earth convulsed
An endless knot
When thousand wounds
Bolt from the blue
When cross roads travelled
Held no meaning
Best friends became
Passing acquaintances
When books or technology
Gave no answers
When you closed your eyes
You want to hold your breath
But For once,
You want to reach the zenith
When the scars of love
left you breathless
Or the drops that burned your dreams
When past can’t be erased or
When failures became pockmark on blood stain papers
When days outnumbered
But had perfect morning serene
When shaft of the moonlight sync
the tranquility of heart
Nothing, nothing beats God
to judge the living and dead
That day merely have an ending…
A wish to be saved from hatred
Or possibly a love to cherish.
But I’d rather be in your arms
And that’s the safest place I know.


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Haiku: Holi

26 Mar


          Pic Courtesy: Google Images

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