Hello World!

I always wanted to start a blog of my own. So after few days of thinking, I’m finally here!! I like reading and writing random stuffs on wall. I won’t be updating posts often. When I have something to convey, I post it up. So Lets Hope for the best! 🙂

Welcome To My Blog!!! 🙂

Generally I’m a shy person (to which my friend Z responded a big O to the word ‘shy’)that finds certain situations or even meeting new people strange. Once I’m acquainted with the new one, you might find tough to leave my circle. (That’s when you get to know me):-P I believe in “everything is possible, nothing is impossible”. (Glee)

I dream a lot. I see myself in places where I wish I could be. It is an undefined long journey to happiness. For now, it’s complicated or messed up!!!<whining>

It may be pure luck, hard work or anything that gets me through the tough phase. It’s the uneasy feeling which gives insomnia for nights.  When I push myself over the barrier of tough times, and move ahead with accomplishment. The feeling of butterflies in stomach, the beats of new life, blushing to the at most, alas, I could feel it once more.

Million things in mind to pursue achieve and lead life. Another two years and I would be lost in this strange world. I don’t want to do something predictable like any dental student goes for assistant work or do post graduation. Though, I have to do them one or the other day. Lets see. For the moment I am clueless. Two years are long enough for me to think, act and be wise with my decisions. Perhaps I may change and come up with something lately. (Fingers crossed)One thing I’m sure is about the blog that I have started so wishing for a better tomorrow. 🙂

Getting started! Wish me luck 🙂

I thank almighty for being there with me always in times of troubles or triumphs. Sometimes it’s the right words to hear or getting connected with people. I owe this to you Lord, for being in my life:)

Thanking you 🙂

Kikibee 😀


2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. its gud tht ur blogging…its always nice to learn by reading others blogs about anything…u can see how they play with words and sentences..how they put in details about what they have either experienced or witnessed..how they keep the reader reading till the end revealing information at the right time and giving a slight surprise…it might be a little small thing…but u can make it sound in your own view…

    you can also blog about your thoughts…or something that u have seen …or something that you have seen and wat u think of it…so go ahead read some blogs first and get an idea clearly and start blogging..ill keep reading them once in a while….

    wish u ol d best

    even i like blogging…


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