The Lily of the Desert

I have been doing a study, where this plant plays a small role so I thought of sharing some facts which I know.

This is the lily of desert. Why Lily? The Aloes are the members of the family Liliaceae. Aloevera is also known as the “burn plant”. This is originated in North Africa. It’s the oldest known herb that is even mentioned in Bible. And it’s a miracle plant. This plant is stem less. It is light green leafy succulent that arises in a rosette fashion topped with yellow flowers. (Flowers are seen very rarely) It’s widely used as a good cosmetic and herbal medicine. It has healing powers.

Researchers are still conducting further studies on this mysterious plant. Egyptians call it as the Plant of Immortality.

Five or seven years back, I never knew the plant name was aloevera, when it was growing in my garden. I always thought it as another form of cactus. My cousin sister used it to apply in hair saying it’s good for the hair and skin. After she used, I couldn’t stand the sick scent.

  • A strong scent, bitter taste, exudates or the juice can be used as a cleansing agent. It can cleanse your stomach by taking two teaspoons of aloe and add it with honey along with cold water.
  • Heal burns, relieves itching and a cure for sunburn.
  • A good wash for wounds and eyes and a sure way to stop thumb sucking seen in infants.
  • Stops bleeding during childbirth and cures headache.
  • Reduces arthritis.
  • Reduces acidity, relieves GIT problems.
  • Increases immunity power.
  •  Best remedy for skin related problems like dryness, eczema, burns, insect bites, psoriasis, and aging.

And Guess what!! An answer for reducing hair falls too. The list is endless when it comes to its uses. It’s still a powerful plant.

Aloevera plants are long lived. They grow very slowly and require lot of sunlight.

When you see lotions or hair shampoos containing aloevera, never hesitate to buy those. And for all those who have this mysterious plant at home, why wasting money!

So want to try some beauty remedy. How about a natural face pack?

Cut at the base of the leaf of aloevera and wait for 15-20 minutes for the yellow fluid to ooze out. Then cut at the thicker part. Peel off the greener parts and you will see a clear gel like substance.  Add with the gel, one tablespoon of turmeric powder, two tablespoon of honey, few drops of rose water and glycerine. Mix it well and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes on face and wash with water. Refrigerate and use it daily on skin. It gives instant glow!!!

CAUTION:  Turmeric can be allergic to sensitive type of skin. So confirm it with a doctor before using it on skin.

Otherwise aloevera gel itself can be used daily on all types of skin.

Try it out, and let me know the feedback. Keep Glowingg!!!! 🙂 🙂

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