Everyone has their worst feelings. You got to be kidding if you don’t have one. I know which one would give good feeling but I’m not talking about it. I thought of something random to post soo let it be this.

My Ten worst feelings!

Number One: When your loved one passes away. I know that’s sad.

Number Two: When you are cheated. I hate cheaters. And I don’t want to talk it. (May be some day)

Number Three: When everyone is moving forward so effortlessly with their lives but you’re in this constant struggle between that and standing still.

Number Four: When you want to reach out to that one person but can’t because they already turned their back on you. 😦 #LostMyBestFriend

Number Five: When your anger turns into tears. I do that a lot. I HATE IT!!!

Number Six:  Bad Hair day. Yeah I have this often. I’m not blessed with lovely hair but it appears so messy. You tend to be like that’s a new fashion: O

Number Seven:  Depression

Number Eight: I hated when my favourite ipod blasted.

Number Nine: When you spot a new dress, you turn off cos of its high price. Ahh if everything in this world comes with no price tag (Iknowitsimpossible)

Number Ten: last of all would be cramps and my frequent migrainessss!!!!! : X

Out of these, what do you think will be your worst feeling???


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