The Man With Big Tummy

“Kikiiii” “Kikiiiii”!!! He calls me in the midst of my sleep and what else is more irritating. I was trying to dream and then again he calls me. Yeahh…   He is annoying.. He is making me walk around the house. Phewww…

“Haa Daddy”, “You got to be kidding!! I sat here to blog. I’ll pick up mama’s clothes. Wait, for 5 minutes”!!!

Today’s Blog dedicated to the first man in my life and my first love. He was engaged to his job as a banker until he got retired in March 2011. Since then, he has looked after this small shop that his younger brother opened with their partnership which is his current pastime. Unlike my sister, He never said to me a “No” whenever I ask him money or need to go out either. I used to torment him persistently not that now it’s something new different until he surrenders and says a “yes”. If I want something done granted by my father, I call him during work because he grants me anything with a sweet calm tone. Yes that’s true, in my case it works or else I’m sure to annoy him 😀 When I was small, may be around 6 years of age, I remember him combing my hair and bathing me. I used to be stubborn when I needed him. He would say he is busy and late for work. He considers himself as the master of the house and we as kids should obey in whatever he says. I hate it at times because of his commanding tone that gets in my veins. It’s annoying!! But now I got use to it. I poke at his big tummy even now and I like to see his irritated face. As the youngest one, I have lots of advantages. (Yay!!) When something goes wrong in the house, I point it to my brother. Poor he!! He gets all the scolding for what not. (I know I was a b*tch) I don’t remember getting whipped by stick or belt unlike my siblings. I guess by then Dad became old or he liked me more 😀 buhaha!

Like other father daughter duo, who spends time playing, sharing and talking non sense my father isn’t that type. I can rely on him even when he is in off mode. He might scold me for a while but I take everything for my good. If not, I raise my voice. (Simple, I win) After al he is this mini big tension box and has deep lines on forehead. He drinks a lot at times few or more than a glass. When I see him drinking, I get my red face there and shout. “I’ll break the bottles one by one, if you continue.” He challenges me with his oh-lets-see-you-won’t look and I lose. During one of the family prayers, I read aloud bible verse. (Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them are not wise, Proverbs 20:1) He listens through his left ear and leaves it through right. I know it’s a waste, at least I tried. He takes us for long drives which I like most.  He takes care of me when I’m sick. It’s not that my mom doesn’t care but when my dad does, it’s special. He is not my role model but the greatest man who has inspired me to do good deeds to everyone.

I had seen tears in his weary eyes. He has grown old and went through a lot of hardships. He has spent his 34 years in banking field. He loves reading and his favourite pastime is getting glued to the television. He always wants us to reach a better place. He gave us the best education. He is different from all the other dads… I love him. He is one of the greatest dads who do everything for his children.

Dad: Kikiii… Go and take mama’s clothes!!!!

Me: Ahhh Dadddddyy… Yea I’m going!!!… (PEEPS through his door) He is sitting with lots of bills, calculator and lots of papers in front of him with those big round glasses. (((Totally A Workaholic!!!)))


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