Red Berry

Delicious and nutrition-rich red colored strawberries are among the most popular berries. Strawberry are a great snack between meals. It’s low in calories and fats and rich source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Fresh berries are an excellent source of vitamin C which is also a powerful natural antioxidant. Consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C helps body develop resistance against infection, inflammation and scavenge harmful free radicals. Scientific studies shows consumption of strawberries may have potential health benefits against cancer, aging, inflammation and neurological diseases. The fruit is rich in B-complex group of vitamins.

SELECTION: Select berries that are shiny, deep red in color with attached green caps, firm, plump, free of sand and mold. Avoid those appear dull, sunken or flattened and those with signs of mold, cuts or discolored patches on the surface. Unripe berries have green or yellow patches on their surface; which should be avoided as they are likely to be sour in taste and be of low quality. Wash the berries with cold water and dry them by gently patting with paper towel. This will increase the freshness and taste of the red shining berries. Before storing it in refrigerator, make sure all the dull ones are removed or else they would spoil the others too.

Harmful Reaction: Strawberries may cause serious allergic reactions in some sensitized individuals. Most common could be welling and redness of mouth, eczema, skin rash, headache, etc. Those individuals should have a check up with doctor before taking these fruits.

Strawberry Pack: Mash three large strawberry and apply the  pulp as a mask and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it with rose water. Strawberry  are slightly acidic that contains vitamin C. It leaves the skin sparkling and  shining.


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