I flipped through the pages of my old journal and I found this. I was 17(guess) when I wrote this..So here goes one of my crappy poems..which I wrote when one of my best friend left me long ago..I think about her at times and wonder if having a good friend brings memories and all in a day, everything ends. Ends forever!!

Well now I should say Good Bye

For you used to be my good friend

But I  never felt I really was yours

So maybe this is the end.

I’m different from you, all of you

Cool, cheerful & yet annoying person

With you, days were so much joy

I forgot those memorable days

where we had so much fun.

Each other I never understood.

Whenever I was mad, It breaks my heart so bad

Like no one ever cared.

And whenever I needed you,

You don’t even care to be there.

Whenever you taught me about “friendship”

I thought you loved me, alas, I was fooled.

The streaks on my arm they’ve done me no harm

They’re only made by pen

But the streaks made on my heart

By your fierceful words by those lovely lips

Were made of blood that turned me brown like mud

But that doesn’t matter for the beautiful memories you’ve given me instead

They are the greatest gift a friend like me can get

These words are the ones I have to speak

I love you, but good bye!


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