Another one which I came across while flipping through my journal pages… THIS I have written after August 2009…

A gentle breeze washed away my tears,

tears of longing to be with someone.

It was so cool that it took my mind faraway,

A world of its own.

A world where all dreams came true!

Walking aimlessly through the side beach,

I realized I was heading to the corniche,

All I could remember was the last day I spend with him…

Hearing the horns and big city jazz,

chiruppings heard through a weary heart,

Loneliness strikes at each edge; trembling with pain,

Owing to be under once arms.

A world full of love and happiness

I wonder what he will be thinking of me…

Looking above, I wish to be a

‘shooting star’!

Dreaming a life of togetherness…!

A small world we both share,

Fostering happiness to all around!

A dream which can come true,

Only a wish yet to be fulfilled, alas, it broke!


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