Holiday Reads

Holiday Reads: The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

When I picked up this book from Book Mark Store, What captured me was the title. Dragon tattoo!!! Later I got to know there was a movie behind this title. Though never got to watch!

I’m onto the next one of the writer’s creation. Yes “The Girl who played with Fire”!! I’m sure he likes this “The Girl with” Factor!! Mostly it should be his luck charm 😀

At one word I would definitely say “Addicted”!

A solid thriller!! A Brilliant reader!!! Initially it took off bit slow and understanding characters then I don’t know where it actually grasped my speed. You would be curious to know this girl- the girl with a dragon tattoo because she is a fabulous character that Stieg, the writer has enthralled in this book. From the very beginning to the end – Mystery is glued. Super climax! You may fall in love with characters like that of angelic Harriet Vanger, the journalist Mikael Blomkvisit and the bold one Lisbeth Salander.

Harriet Vanger, sixteen year old girl is missing or presumed dead. Tortured by the loss, her uncle Henrick Vanger asks the journalist Mikael Blomkvisit to investigate. Digging deep into The Vanger family dark secrets and then someone trying to stop the journalist and the clever girl from exposing the criminal truly a mystery pack!!! It sucked me in and held tight to the manuscript.

A Swedish novel translated to English by Reg Keeland. The way Larsson has portrayed it with timely targeting the crime, suspense and is indeed well plotted. Hats off Larsson!!!

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