I’m Back

Good Morning!!

There was a huge gap between July 11th and July 26th for the next post. The recent two posts were those which I wrote long back and not any new. I took a break from blogging. A big one! Not sure whether this was a permanent one or in order to prevent from further rash decisions of quitting blog out of frustration. Lately, I have become fantasized with my blog. It might be reading some freshly pressed posts or even the articles I read from the bloggers I follow. I never knew I would blogging after all that’s happening in and around me.

I’m glad even if one person likes my post; I’m thrilled to continue even more of my works. It makes me so happy from the reviews of my friends when they say it’s good..! Thank you my viewers. Many of them liked the poem which I updated in the last. It won’t be the best but something better. I owe a gratitude to that person who made me write!

I’m in a state where life is teaching me to be strong. Once I even thought of starting a new category “Final year” (not because it’s fun) cause there will be million things that I really could share. Unfortunately I’m attending my final year classes but still not a student of final year. How can I? (I would definitely share it once I get my results of re-totaling which I hope for the best)I’m on the verge of tear-ing!!! Feels like my heart is broken into bits…and I’m collecting each piece and building into a new one with strength. I know this isn’t the end. (Feeling betrayed) Whenever I had troubles or even if it was dangerous stuff, God always helped me or saved me through tough times. This time I fell on a pit (not deep one but can be if I don’t get going) only and only where God can save me!!! If it was confusions till yesterday (about life, future etc), today I wonder where it all had gone wrong when things were going smoothly. Ahh.. I hate to think, alas, its making me sick.

I wasn’t allowed to write my medicine exam cause of my attendance shortage which happened for the first time.  What should I say!! Bloody ego!!!!  Fame!??  The never-standing-the-other-person attitude that’s between the medical staffs and the dental ones which last affects the poor students.  What am I suppose to name this?  Since I had lost in a subject, all my hopes were in other two papers that I’ve to appear. If I clear them, I can attend final year classes. Unlike others, I got 4 days for preparing surgery paper. When I walked out of examination hall with a big smile, I saw my subject teacher grinning with a wicked smile and said “all are going to get full marks, its easy paper!! Isn’t it? I smiled for his question and answered “Thank you Sir, It’s an easy paper!!” When I turned, I saw my friend on the verge of tears. I asked her, hey the paper was good!!! I’m sure you wrote it so easily. She said, “You don’t know I was stuck with first major answer and I didn’t know the second one too”. No reee I’m sure you will pass… like always you say this and at last you get cleared huh!!! This isn’t like before she added. I didn’t know how to console her. Glad by luck, I did my paper well. I should say I was confident!!! My results came on July 13th and guess what… I got detained! The greatest shock which still I can’t believe. (My friend passed) Since I lost in two, I got 6 months back into another batch called as the odd one.  Tell me, Where I went wrong??

Which is the greatest pain? Is it the pain of attending classes without knowing whether you will clear this exam through re-totaling or gain strength to face the outcome what so ever? Cos I’m already shattered and regaining strength…


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