Mangalore can’t be any better with all what had happened recently. For all who don’t know Mangalore, It’s a place in Karnataka, west side of Bangalore. A city that draws students from all over the world for higher education does not provide space for young people like us to chill or even step out from home and walk in peace. As we all know the innocent youth were brutally attacked for the third time for no good reason by anti social elements. The pathetic condition is a boy-girl relation which these Hindu activists misunderstand as a love relationship (God knows what they think) and beat them up. They say its part of their Hindu culture. Funny but true!!!

What compels a person to step forward over the line into madness and ravage many people lives??

What do they gain?

 Where political party so dumb to encourage such an act?

I struggle in vain to get answers for all this crap that’s happening in this 21st century. Who believes in this type of violence?

Okay, violence can be any form! But violence from a political party who has to make sure peace in place? Seriouslyyyy!!!!

Manjula, the chairperson of Karnataka State Women’s Commission who arrived in Mangalore recently to inquire on the recent attack on the Morning Mist home stay case commented, “Home stay parties mislead young girls”. Manjula!! Have you gone nuts??? Is she getting extra dollars in her filthy hands? C’mon In this century, who lives in the age of puranas except you? What more we can expect when you were appointed by BJP itself! (I’m not against any political parties and I hardly know any. But these activists are working for this BJP that’s what the news says)

Subhash Padil, who led the attack, is the HJV convener in Mangalore, was involved in a similar attack on a pub in Mangalore in 2009 and sent to jail. But he returned after a few months only to project himself as a protector of Hinduism. It’s no secret in Mangalore he enjoys the patronage of the party in power and also his boss who is respected widely in BJP. (SOURCE: TOI)

What use if he can come out in bail and scot freely if he deserves severe punishment?

Six days after the attack. Youths are scared even to step out from their home stays. They prefer partying at private home stays or private restaurant. Things have changed where young people wants to celebrate their birthday in home, beaches or even public places. The attack has left girls in trauma even to step out from their homes.

Globalisation has induced a change in the outlook of people. Then whyyy in this modernised world woman are still the first victims to get brutally attacked? Why is it still women getting the first blow? Why are they targeted? What guarantee gals walk out in no fear? Where has justice gone? Where is the democratic system gone? Why do people prefer western places like Bangalore or Goa to need a break from their routine lives? Half of Mangaloreans, I believe, are way more than narrow mind or conservative. Ain’t politicians educated? When more educational hubs, fast food & technologies are open, why Mangalore taking a step backward? Whom to blame? When will we get justice????!!!

The kind of terror that took place last week will no doubt be repeated. Placing blame may make some of us feel better, temporarily, but it isn’t the answer. Maybe there is no answer. In here, the political parties never lose anything, perhaps they got famous in every newspaper media. What those innocent people lost was or would lose forever. All we can do is pay closer attention, and treat each other with kindness and compassion. And continue to act like grown-ups. The world can always use a little more of that.


To protest against the violent attack and harassment towards the innocent, I urge people to come forward voice up their opinion and join hands for a better place ensuring people a safe place in peace.



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