My First Rural Satellite Centre

Nitte: 21st July 2012

Waking up at 5am was not an issue when you have sleep-less nights. Brushing teeth-splashing cold water- quick shower-changing into clothes-dumping all the survey forms into the shoulder bag-praying-strong scent of perfumes-and last not the least my pink umbrella!

Heavy pours had calmed down into drizzle by the time I stepped out by 6am.Since, I had to catch bus within 10 minutes there was no other way but to walk faster. Though it was 5 minutes walk it took nearly 10 minutes. Yeah! You can’t predict the weather in South India. It can either shower heavily or even get baked under sun.

Dreadful sight of a dead fleshy rat was the first thing I noticed as I stepped out from my hostel entrance. It even gave me weird thoughts of snakes crawling around. The other day I saw a brown snake in my hostel compound. Not a big deal because they often here and can’t be killed cause people consider it as their God. I was enchanting throughout my way “Lord Jesus, Guide me!”

The dawn had just passed and it became brighter. I got into the bus around 6:15am and there stood my PG guide Dr. Radhika Jain waiting for me. Nope I wasn’t late. It’s the bus driver who was waiting for all of us. Geez! 😉

Passing through Deralakatte crossing Hampankatte, here goes my bus ride to Padubidri-Mulki and then comes Nitte. It was a two hour journey. And I had been here in this college campus last year for inter-college cultural fest. Oh okay! Forgot to mention, you might be wondering why am I mentioning a college in between a rural camp? Yes, even I thought the same when I came. The rural centre is in this engineering college campus ground which is situated in a rural place Nitte. So people nearby can come for free dental check up and treatment.

Entering this campus for the second time was a flashback of all those fun times with friends, goofing around, passing comments and filling our tummy. I entered the clinic by 9am after having breakfast in canteen. First as you enter it, you will see an old fashioned dental chair then the other two good ones which all are under a single ceiling fan. It reminded me of Stone Age when dentists were like barbers who sat in streets and ready to pluck tooth with a single instrument. 😀 The present scenario is different. Here, there are good facilities providing for a rural atmosphere; sterilised instruments, gloves, head caps, mouth masks and a large number of patient exposures better than any other rural camps.

Since mine was a survey study that I came for, I examined few cases and the rest of the time I was jobless. Mouth watching people-chattering with patients were main pastime: D There were two staff members, interns and pgs to work. Looking at them work with so much ease and comfort with each patient; It gave me so much interest to learn, know more and serve people.

I was thinking of a life as a dentist. I know, One day I’ll be here working just the way my seniors did. The whole experience of relieving someone in pain, knowing them, giving a smile and the feeling when they smile back for the work what you did… Goshh!! It’s this motivation to work harder and to do your best. Yet another captured moment! It just makes you feel “Wow…”


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