Monsoon is here: Green Girl in Rain

Walking by the college premises passing through Hostel entrance, I was heading to a nearby shop. Heavy pours had just started and it seems like it never rained. My white coat was drenched with water though I had an umbrella, which was of no use since the rain was torrentially heavy. Furious winds started blowing out. Muddy stains on my back coat and pants and what not, where I’ve no idea.

Past 5PM and I was stuck between the two hostels. Should I go to shop? Alternatively, go back to hostel and wait until rain stops. The brown water was flowing throughout my way. I was frog-jumping plainly and void by what to do next. Nobody was there nearby but when I looked back, saw these three medicos’ guys laughing loudly and passing comments. They were having their time in rain just like me. 😀

At first, I didn’t like getting wet, but then who cares? Anyway, my coat has become dirty AND NO point in leaving from those lovely droplets that had touched your skin. Drip… Drip Drop! So let it be! Let it wash over me and ONCE MORE I could enjoy an inevitable feeling of rain reminding of my childhood days.

Then I saw her. The green girl! You could analyze by her looks- a mediocre girl with worn out green uneven dress. A young teen girl may be around 13 was out in the construction site. She seems not to be frenzied or rather, nonchalant. She was there getting soaked. Whirling and twirling around, dancing in the mud, hair soaring and a steady bright smile on her face. She was laughing loudly with a candy in her right hand. Her innocence captured with that dimple smile was a good view to anyone who sees her. An angel in green! The water was falling tremendously on her face. Like a flashy picture captured where she seems to kiss the rain and enjoy each moment. That was an arousing moment to feel something good like a part of universe, melt into my memory.

In my school days, it rains occasionally in December. I run towards home and wear long skirt of my sister and come out, splash rainwater, smell rain, sing songs, and admire beauty of nature. 🙂 Quiet an imagination to hum songs and think you are the happiest person!  😀 I know this is an embarrassment to remember now but those were the best days of my life…


Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass;

it’s about learning to dance in the rain.


8 thoughts on “Monsoon is here: Green Girl in Rain

  1. It’s the picture in I retested in I’ve seen the girl in green or orange. But I wouldove to have the picture And can’t find out anything about it


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