What do you want, subtitles?

As you have all noticed, I had been not updating any posts. Instead of noticing, I wished you all wished me being well because I was sick and had fever for a while. Poor me! 😛 😀 Anyways I am doing well for now.

Today I have to type something and update even if it is nothing as a topic to discuss for my beloved readers to show I am existing. Aahhh does it sound lame? The truth is thousands of thoughts are spilling out of my head, and I cannot keep a track of it. There are many things I would or want to share. To begin with, am I happy? Well that is not a thought, far from a thought. It would be appropriate if I mention crazy rather than happy! I had been thinking of Barney a lot today. Yeah that fella is kinda good joke! When I should be studying medicine and not bother anything of what others are. <Blink> Blimey, I still look at others why people act as clones. Some who does pranks and still get through right? In addition, certain some, selfish to give something to others gaining for self. Strange! Sorry I am new to this world, just landed yesterday. I am counting; I have… one…2 and half years more! Ahh.. That is like lots to kick stabbed and move the hell on in this wicked hemisphere. (Hemisphere? just for the rhyme!) 😀

I am anti-social. Do you believe that? The other day when I told this to my friend, he said I am crazy because when I have lots of friends and people to talk too.  How am I introverting? 😀 (For now, I blame it on my mood swing!)I am religious if people do not ask me what type, I would be glad. I am believer of God that at least makes sense. I stopped fighting my inner demons so now we are on the same side. Am I sounding insane? Naa.. You want to know my levels of insanity: 1. Talk to self, 2. argues with self, 3. loses argument with self; 4. is no longer speaking to self. Do not worry this is just the beginning. I did not lose my mind. It is at home sitting right next to my common sense. (Eww.. My hair is curled on its own and ain’t lovable?)

Jokes apart! 😀 Pluezzzz stop laughing! (Am I exaggerating?) I am smiling. Do not worry am I still in recovery stage. I got a person to blame upon when things go wrong. Unfortunately, that person is gay!

Henceforth, Life is a journey, not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body. Rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out shouting, “HOLY SHIT . . . WHAT A RIDE!” quoted by “someone”. However, I do not know how that “someone” knew how exactly what I feel! (beeech!)

For all the sad love stories (blah) and single ladies! Should I address as bitches? I am not a hypocrite or even lesbian, just a rock fan! There are three things in life every girl or bitch should know need . . . One, Love to make her weak, two, Alcohol to make her strOn g & thREE, best friends when both things make her hit the floor. From my experience, I definitely can talk. <thumbs up>

Since it is too much for today, I will quit for now. By the way, I AM NOT DRUNK, by nature I am loud and being too friendly to y’all. 😀 😀

A word of advice, do not follow my footsteps, I tend to walk into walls and trap doors. Moreover, Blame Barney for now, because I am already full!

P.S: I tried being normal, but I did not like it. grrr….deeeeshkavuuuuu! 😛


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