To my Teen-Age Life..

  If there was a chance given or a time machine, I would definitely changed where it went wrong or started a new route. However, by mistakes only, Man becomes perfect! Therefore, I have to leave the way things are and move ahead.

For some reason, I was thinking of my life when I graduated high school. A reality that God made me through on those tough times. Receiving love-affection-care was my interest.  Needing things to do, seeking attention from everyone, desperate at reckless times and hatred to the peak… to make me strong, all in vain!

Most of us spend childhood bouncing up and down, wild and yet ignorant. Whatever we wish we would snatch it and whatever elderly people demanded we had to do or consider doing it. It was always them when it came to school days not knowing when it will end. You just finished the first part of movie and about to begin next one. At an age of 17, we are confused what to do next. Since we are fully control of our life, have better plans and ready for the game, all we need is to toss a coin. Will you get admission in any college? What is future? How is outside world? Bullying, does it exist? Fearful? When your aspirations keep you up at night and your thoughts are too loud to deny, what do you do? Experiencing teenage love, homesickness, being stubborn had paid it all to a self long distance relationship with people. I know it is complicated.

FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST AND LAST IMPRESSION: You know all things what people said you‘d regret when you get older. Ain’t its coming true? I do not regret, what has become it’s done. Nothing can alter. However, I do not want to repeat the same mistakes. I need a change. Not a big one.. Good enough to be strong even in worse situations. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

ACT AS A PRIZE AND YOU WILL TURN PEOPLE INTO BELIEVER: I am the nice one. Therefore, the incidents whatever are happening or have happened; I do take it in with a positive manner, with no regrets. You know, you will not die when facing a viva, or failing an exam or when your treasured one dumped you or perhaps the very last being cancer. You will not like the job you have. Perhaps, you did not get your degree when all your friends got.  All you compel was to fight and never give up. Fight for survival! Once you might have been an ugly duckling finally a beautiful swan. <STILL Under construction?> Alas, YOU HAVE NOT CHANGED THEN! You have become more peculiar. You would have most modern hairstyle or spotted with latest trendy dress, which brings you 1000 likes on facebook. What you needed you never know!

How long being nice does help to live in this world? Do nice people exist? All you need is to turn into a bitch. Okay, why bitch? (Modified version of Bitch) Not the one who goes for looks? Or, the harsh tones. NO! She is not rude. She is polite, independent and has a clear view of her life. Nevertheless, with right attitude come good looks! The people with real ambition and drive will only come back stronger when they lose everything.  FAILURES ARE THE STEPPING-STONE TO SUCCESS. 🙂

We have all done things we wish we had not. However, this process of mentally rewinding the tape, watching the whole story in some predictable way is an illusion. We know only what happened; it is impossible to know what would have happened. Our fate is a bundle of twisted strands — things we can foresee and control, and things we cannot control. Pain has its own way of healing in long time run and I do admit.

I too have lost precious (stuff) and no longer want to think about it. In addition, I know no body is waiting for me. I and only I have to move forward.


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