To my Teen-Age Life 2

When I am typing this, I am thinking of what had happened recently. I had been lying on my lazy ass and flashing all nuisances of my golden years. One of my friend had commented on a post had to trash it with the whole post of mine. Few appreciated the writing and the content. (Regret or no regret I have no idea) I have loads of friends but to say few, close ones.  However, the friends who I had mentioned, I had given them “second chances”. (I had pain of losing people, just like me they even got hurt… heartily apologize) They made an effort to come and talk. Every time I had issues but then realized why am I arguing? Alternatively, why am I showing fucking attitude when they are trying? Sorry, I did not mention,”I am the nice girl”. ((No sarcasm please! If you know me then you would understand)) they had been busy in their lives and that made it more complicated. Nevertheless, I should blame on communication gap that provoked to such a conclusion! Moreover, I am not a crying babe or scribbling these on blog for revenge or gain pity. I had always solved problems between us. Like my friend said, “I MIGHT BE THE FIGHTING ONE!” You need fighting ones too in friend-ship. I liked that when she mentioned it. When they were sorting out with me, I flashed my thoughts to the Goa trip. Always WE had fun or cared to spend times.

I swear this is not an emotional out break!

I regret what I posted in few weeks ago. In addition, what I have learnt is to forgive and forget! Moreover, even if I love my friends, I am not expecting anything in return.

P.S: Not only devils, I have angels too.

Two of my best friends quoted same lines: Cannot help but to post it here,

“If anyone doesn’t want you today, you don’t need them yesterday itself.”


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