Festive Mood

Two days over, and the spirit of Onam on the young minds continue! It was on Saturday my junior batch celebrated it in college. (Not that my batch did not take initiative :P, OUR time is over as a team organizing events though the guys in my batch participated!) It is their time to show off their power as union. Therefore, they organized one in college. We had exams on that day so we could not be a part of it.

Day Before Exam and Onam celebration: On Friday 31st August 2012, Venue: my hostel at 7:30pm: Junior girls chatting, giggling, laughing smiles on all faces, trying out sari (Indian traditional wear), practicing for next day dance programs. All I could hear is their stampede from up floor. If you regard me whether I am enjoying, I have no comments. For me Onam is just like any other day. Nothing special! If I could get a holiday, it would be great. I do not get a holiday for onam since I am in Karnataka (southern state of India), that too in my college(holidays are banned). All Keralites in spite of whatever religion celebrate with tremendous zeal for 10 days and some for 3 days and the main one (thiruvonam) was on Wednesday.

I had gone home last week in Kerala since my parents were leaving this week to Dubai. Until Tuesday, I was there. Moreover, I had shopping to do; since it was Onam season, there were many collections. The good part is, I was at home for Onam but the sad part was I could not eat onasadhya, which is delicious and mouth watering. My family went to have it the next day at a friend’s house.  At nights, we would see bar shops full on business. Many were on roads in four legs, singing songs, and some dancing. 😀

According to me, Onam was always a get together in association back in Ras Al Khaimah. Every year I was part of many dance shows. Eating onasadhya, a vegetarian feast made of traditional dishes along with family and friends. A month or two for “Onam” dance practicing and later on final show days and being part of 7 to 8 dances at a stretch. Those were my best days!

I had work on Saturday after my exam. I could not eat the onasadhya, which my juniors organized it for us. It was lovely to see all in traditional dresses. A good entertainment like thiruvatira (traditional dance), pookalam; a flower carpet and pulikali where guys wore tiger costume and danced to the beats of drums. A good sight to see all looking beautiful in onam set sari and kasav munde(lungi)!:D There was pookalam (floral decoration) competition in college and we got to see various designs. Keep up the good work people! 🙂

Onam is a traditional fest with a history behind it. If I start it here, it would be long and I am not much aware of the story too.

This flower carpet done by third years and second years of my college. Beautiful right?


I know it is done. Even then, I hope all had a prosperous Onam 🙂

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