*BIG DAY FOR MY PEARL***Happines***

Every single woman craves for a big fat wedding. Blimey, I am not fan of marriages or relationships though but at the end, I hope my MR.RIGHT turns up. I am glad; it was my sister’s turn to tie her knot. It was a weird experience of letting her go to another family, which by now has become her own family.

People say you do not need another best friend when you have a big sister who can share her stuffs. Indeed, Sisters are a treasure and a blessing! Even when she annoys, interferes and criticizes me, I swear; she is there for me at all tough times to console me. When she exclaims “Relax and don’t worry”, it seems nothing worse has happened and I was just over-reacting for nothing! Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. Yes, my sister and I are of 8 years gap and I remember wearing her clothes, grew up, and still do wear at times. Her love is within her in depths such that I could not see it with my naked eyes. Her absence makes me miss her more; and her bond towards me feels even stronger. In addition, all I could think is how many times we fought, pulled each other hairs and pinched-scratched-attacked each other. Even when our faces are red-hot charcoal, we do not keep grudges. Whenever I am sad, I do not have to say even without me spilling it. It is weird when she reads me, but then half-troubles solved… : D I am going to miss it! Above all, I would miss her for all vacation shopping because she was my bank. 😀 I liked shopping with her because I love irritating her and asking her opinion when I am stuck in what to buy. All good times… I will miss them. 😦 I look upon her as person of strength, stubborn, generous, organizer, beautiful, determined, hard-worker and above all a loving person.

My mom says, “I am the most jealousy person when compared to three of us. Then I do not know why my mother says it “still” like that. Yes, I would definitely admit I am, if it was before. Moreover, I would blame my immature age, if felt jealous of my sister for any matter. Now things have changed. When my mom expresses her affection to my sister, she looks at me laughingly and says, look at my jealousy! Lol 😀 I do not compete with her because we both really are different. In addition, she was the person who once encouraged me to write for a magazine and to dream big. Moreover, my sister deserves the best no matter what. She is the gem of the family. I always dream big for my sister for her happiness and that she becomes more enthusiastic spreading love and joy to all she come across. In addition, she overcomes all the tough barriers in life to gain success in her path.

She stood there with her firm look at the altar saying a “yes I accept” to the person she is going to spend her lifetime. I wish her all happiness. Alas,…I feel guilty too. I never spend enough time to know her or gift her, what so ever under this sky I could. I know, One day she will get married but so soon, I never thought it would be. I feel guilty that I could not organize anything memorable for her day since it was a short period and I had my exams (I know it is not an excuse).

This was when she was three years of age. The cute and the smiling one!

She is special to all of us. She is the pearl of the house. Recently, on 10 September she solemnized into a new beginning with her hubby Mr. J! MOREOVER, I WISH THE NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE GREAT TONS OF HAPPINESS, LOVE AND PEACE THROUGHOUT THEIR MARRIED LIFE TILL DEATH AND BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO SHARE GREAT LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS.

My sister and her hubby :


QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is the good thing about your sister OR a sister-like?


4 thoughts on “*BIG DAY FOR MY PEARL***Happines***

  1. Nice post. 🙂
    Didn’t know you were from Niranam. In that case we are neighbours 🙂
    May your sister have a happy married life. 🙂


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