Midnight ChildreN

When I came across this particular article in newspaper, I had this urge to write about this subject. Yes! What is it that I care about Midnight children? Who are they? Well I have hell lot to say about them, this particular species.
P.S: I would encircle the complete Indian culture. However, I am sure it is in every other place not just India. Therefore, I apologize if hurting, neither any personal feelings nor NO offense to any place, religion or person.

My brother was driving through a narrow lane. An old woman walking with a branch of tree, which is quite lengthy dragging it all the way on one hand and on other shoulder, twigs for lighting fire. Since our car was brand new one, my dad sitting at the back of the car said that woman is going to ruin our car by those pointed branches and it will leave marks. We thought of reversing our car but it was too late. Dad rolled down his windowpane and said to the person; “that branch is going to bring scratches (polite tone)”!
Guess what that woman said in harsh tone, “if you knew that then why do you bring your car in here?” I was bemused by her response. Geez! Such a pain in the ass! She just ruined the paints and on top of that how rude!!!

TO THE SHRINKING UNIVERSE: Over the last decade, we witnessed many changes in this world with new ones emerging and old extinct. At an astonishing pace, the classic social science is vanishing with more westernized techno stuffs.
Well certain some are stuck up with their old Indian ways of tradition and culture that the midnight children (those born after Independence or decade after Independence) consider it relevant and beneficial and the new techs as superficial, fake and brittle. I too am a grandchild of midnight. Just the fact that I do not consider these techno changes as phony. They are real and even better handy. If you come across the grandchildren (those born at the end of last century), they are distinctive from their parents and grandparents. They seem to possess ideas, creativity and their prospective of life is in different manner. They ain’t bothered how much you have in your account or even ask how do you do in life. It ain’t their mistake they are irrelevant so self-absorbed in lives. They lead a mobile life. If you spend your half time in talking to them, they are just different from what you think they were. They are self-conscious and feel less burdened by the nation’s past.

Where did the mercy go? Just because I saw a woman who was rude, I do not categorize every folks rude or bad mannered. I know many who are so sweet just like my grandparents. You would feel like pulling their cheeks, hug them tight, and never allow them go away. Certain some, I agree, are grumpy and annoying that prefers the socio-economic activities like spitting pan on the roads, defecating in public and showing dramatic scenes in public. In world, do you see people sticking gum on bus seats? Nowhere else will you see artistic blade jobs on train berths…? Nor do people of cities in other parts of the world spit at pedestrians from running buses. Spitting at people, on buildings, across staircases, in temples and mosques and what more people tend to do those days, which continues until now! It is a common sight in our ‘great’ cities to see nattily dressed men get down from swanky cars to urinate all over the roadside.

Do youngsters defend when it comes to Indian morals? Alternatively, do they extol the Indian life and enjoy its culture?
If I consider older folks and yet compare the possibility of who is ruder- the younger or older ones, whom do you, think would have highest votes. Just another subject for debate… ain’t it?

I agree that many elderly people tend to be bitter, cantankerous, and impatient to a degree that is often extremely irky. But the fact that they have been on this planet longer, and consequently have probably endured many more hardships than most younger people, entitles them, I believe, to be the curmudgeonly old farts. They have earned that right, as far as I am concerned.

Two days back, my friend was talking about her friend’s mom who is domineering about her daughter in going out or dressing up or even meeting her girl friends leave boys. I swear this is true even I have heard parents being discourteous to children and the life they have to live through. At least in year, 2012…does this happen. I do agree, unless people change and believe in themselves; change for good and sound to others, things would not be shoddier.
The elderly and the respected ones are the foundation stones on which our present society has been built. Every benefit we enjoy today is because of our elderly people inventions, worked, fought and developed them from their very early stages. They are strong roots that keep society solid and healthy. They are the strong link from past to present. They are our living history. In addition, we would always look upon our elders and learn whatever they are in better way perhaps not necessary they should be our own blood.

“One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness” -Josh Billings

Do you feel the same just the way I did?



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