Book I Read: The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s nest

“You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.” —Paul Sweeney

You have no idea how much I feel devastated with Larsson ending the series. A must read to know the ending as well as to know all those loose strings that was incomplete in the first two books though I could not fairly praise this one as compared to the two. The third book picks up from where its predecessors left off, almost immediately after the events of The Girl Who Played With Fire and is mostly on theology, conspiracy and the constitutional crisis of Sweden police and the ministry. This one is like a suspense novel, including an incredible court trial scene.  A lot on Swedish history added and too many characters annoyingly! A quite number of female characters and the most impressing part is that they all are realistic and yet powerful characters like that of Linder and Figuerola. Altogether, it is perfect trio, distinct personality genres seen in all the three books and the conclusion is just as fine as the other two.
I am in love with Larsson ‘weird writing’ that made me glued to each page. It was slow and boring initially but I skipped pages to more intense part. 😀 (At times, it is okay). I brought the book in August and ended up reading the rest 75% four days back. Damn! I wished Larsson had added another one to the series. I already miss Salander and been thinking of all the incorrigible characters for a while. For instance, Berger person, when I started with this millennium series; I remember, I did not like much of her but later I have no idea where I started liking her. Realistic incidences! Moreover, Salander, an anti-social, brilliant, tough, violent, revenge-driven hacker this time kicks off at a higher level creating shocking crisis in Sweden politics making those douche bags to pay up for all their dirty works done just like a movie flick. In spite of all positive reviews, one feature if you’ve noticed, Salander is the center focus of all the three books and has done scenes with Blomkvisit that are far apart as compared to the scenes done together which is bothersome in this one specially because there ain’t much of them together nor love or friendship or even sex. Their friendship is shown in all through a “computer system”. Odd, I preferred some more scenes of them together! Another one, I was very mad when Mikael Blomkvisit falls for Figuerola. Why Figuerola after al? 😦

It is indeed sad that Steig Larsson died shortly after the deal to publish his Millennium Trilogy. I wished he had continued with this fiction crime tales on Salander and the journalist Mikael Blomkvist, if he lived. All I could say is Salander has become one of my all-time favorite characters and feel inexplicable sad that you are no more in this world to see what a sensational hit your books have become and the movies created. Those memorable characters will forever etch into the mind of us readers.  

I would give this book 4 star out of five! Another fast paced narrative, best storyteller and a political polemic that grips us from the very beginning.  
The last but not the least, “Lisabeth Salander”, you are a superwoman with a spectacular portrayal compared to the other women who was certain of the righteousness of her cause. I am overwhelmed and impressed!

I have the assurance that people would like this trilogy because the finale to the millennium is already a marvelous publication that has gone worldwide! I would recommend this book because it has a good and promising story line!

“Kudos” to you Larsson for bringing the “dragon tattooed” Salander..Salute!


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