“*CHUCKLES* I TURNED 21 today”! It seems like yesterday; preparing myself for the big party at home, so excited about birthdays, cakes, chocolates or perhaps new dress or a new hairstyle or may be the times of being the young and notorious one jumping around acting crazier in family. Those days were so good because all I need to worry was nothing. Today it is weird of being a 21 year older! Two days ago, I was watching all the Disney movies like that of star struck, lemonade mouth and i-prom and let me tell you, I just realized, I am no longer a teen anymore. Good old days of being a ‘teenager’ gone and all I thought was being an immature teen, fascinated about Radcliffe, Robert, Ranbir and my pink world. Though that part has not changed much! 😀 



The cake was gifted by my friends and roomie Ms R. I was surprised by the party and my mouth was a big O!  🙂I wanted to keep my birthday low just like a normal day because it is my exams around the corner (it is lame I know) but then it is getting better and bringing myself smiles. (Check out the gifts I got :)) If every day were a birthday then I would love it because all the days I would love to get gifts. Hehe… 😀 I know that is impossible. Moreover, it is a big day, as I am growing younger and bigger! 😀

This definitely is outstanding gift because this show piece was meant for me only. Yes, “The Dancing and the singing Michael Jackson” as they call me. 😀

The roses were gifted by my friend Ms B. Don’t they look beautiful? xoxo Ms B! :*

My mom says that I always touched pink shining stuffs be it dress or any items ever since I was a baby. It reminds her to bring pink toys in home and give it to me. It is hard to believe time can go quickly. I remember every Wednesday; I used to wait for my favorite magazine “young times” and play around until I get shouting from mom for doing nothing all day. Wished I were smaller! 😦 Hmm… This time I would miss Christmas as well as new year with family and friends back home. 😦

To all the November hunks and babes, I am glad of being a Scorpio! Cheers to the sexy Scorpions, as we all shine bright in everybody’s life. 🙂 🙂

Best quote by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam on definition of Birthday:

The only day in your life, when you cried, your mother was smiling. 🙂 :*


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