I lit the big one, it went on high like a mini rocket on fire, and it blasted into dark sky of shining stars.

A FESTIVAL OF LIGHT AND JOY: The beauty of a sparkling lamp comes in life only when the dark drowns into the ocean and small lamplights into brightness.

It has been Diwali, just like the rest of world we also celebrated in hostel by lighting small lamps and firing crackers. What definitely fascinates me are the burning lamps everywhere and the sparkling fireworks. I get the feeling of happiness and thrilled. 🙂

Honestly, I do not know how many number of lives laid to rest forever at firework factories just to make people enthusiastic. On the other hand, how many risk their lives yearly just to bring merry of bursting crackers.

Today too I can hear the thunder some, the explosion and the wild noise of people laughing and screaming loud.

Last year, this day I with my college mates had spend time in orphanage in Kuttar, nearby my college. After days of bursting crackers, just another day to end this festival with homeless children being the day of children. We arrived by late evening and received the most beautiful welcome.  The floor was crammed by several lamps lit on fire all around the place with all smiling faces. 🙂 🙂

 A welcome song, prayer and a grand dinner was served and everyone filled their hungry stomachs. Around nine, we started our endless bursting of crackers. Jumping, shouting, laughing aloud and acting crazier with the kids. They were so happily clinging to us and never parted our hands. We winded up the whole event by gifting them new dresses and sweets. Till today, we cherish those moments and even now, we discuss about it. Forever, those moments would cherish in our hearts because we had a splendid time with our batch as well as the innocent kids. I swear, I do not think Diwali could be even better than this. It was definitely a festival of light, crackers and togetherness!

 Here are few snaps taken in the orphanage November 2011.

Once again, I wish all of them, A Happy and prosperous New Year (according to Hindu calendar) and a Blessed Diwali! 🙂

What were your experiences for this Diwali? 🙂 How did you celebrate it? 🙂


 Thanks for reading. Share your comments. 🙂 Good day y’all 🙂


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