The Mask Man

imagesCAJ7YA0U Is the world a better place to live in? I stare at those words as I type with broken heart. As I heard the terrible shocking news of the schoolchildren in Connecticut last night, I could not sleep. Those visuals are terribly distressing and making me numb. Why the innocent kids had to face a cruel world like this? What would those survivors have gone through? What world has become? A masked man enters the school premises, shoots the pleading kids, and injures the principal and a teacher, what benefit is it going to get them? What rights do they have to take another life? Are their selfish cruel minds been so obsessed with their own pasts? Those killers have made this world an insane one to live in.

A school?

What next?

How long parents can trust to send their children into a school. For those born with dreams to cherish and aspire, their lives have just gone in ashes… For all the hopes, the parents had in their tiny ones lost in seconds… I can imagine the agony they are facing… How devastating like a knife plunged into the heart forever and living with it… Everyone can believe Adam Lanza was a psycho killer murdered 27 people, but what has lost does it return? We as Society have to be blamed for one or the other disastrous act. All I did was sharing my thoughts in here.  We are in so love with world having a Government to take care, discussing among us, tittle-tattle about it, and return to our mundane lives. From a beautiful sunshine can bring miseries to all near and dear ones so do you and me. These horrifying events lurk in us throughout only question is till when this cruelty?

All I could afford and so do you is to pray to the Almighty Father for these poor souls and the survivors to grant them peace and strength to their families. May their souls rest in peace… May the loving God bring us peace and strength in all to overcome these hard times and let us all live in peace. Live and let live of every moment. Thank God for waking up to another day in your life.

Hug. Love. Peace. Share. Care. Pray.


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