The Turmoil Within


There is a bullet in my heart

And the fear course through my veins.

Soaked in my bed are my wet tears

Bleeds blue profoundly with pain.

I gasp for another breath but there is no air to breathe,

Pinned to the turmoil within,

Yet there is no room to grieve.

When does the inner demon end its rage?


On a dark night with full moon on sky,

Owls screech and black Wolverines howl.

A vicious dark knight appears from nowhere

Rides in black horse with shining armor

Those cold eyes are furious hidden under cloak full of darkness.

Plunges cold steel on to my heart and rips me apart.

From flesh to ashes, I quiver…


Awoken, rolled, slid, jiggled

Caught hold of white sheet…

Yet the turmoil I could feel.

Bead of sweats entwined on my face

I try letting out my fear…

A fear…

A fear unknown…

The Pendulum strikes midnight.

My hisses turn into screams

And my mind trembles with fear

Is it real?

Wide awake with myself on reflection,

Those red eyes were watching me…

Author Notes:

The turmoil we have to face through all these agitations and figure what we fear the most.




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