A New Day

A Teary dawn just lay by,

A golden spark from shady billows

Like a sanguine sunrise with his humongous eyes

Along the margin, his golden grace outspreads.

A new beginning

A new ray of hope

A chance to change

‘The Freedom’ as you name it

Yes, it’s a Wakeup call for a new era…sunrise1


Every Cloud has a silver lining

Amidst the Silence and no sounds

The door shut and no way out

But don’t let the darkest ill in

Cause hope until the last try,

Soon faith will lead to new ways.

sweet-baby-with-toothy-smileSmile that little smile

And let your radiance glow to the world shine.

Step out of darkness and burn a candle,

Even if the candle melts,

Let the light illuminate into each corners

And, may a bright new day begin.candlelight_photography_tips


I spread my wings of joy 

To share the fragrance of new emotions

Aspiring each dreams so high,

Like an eagle, I soar and shine.


Embrace your love to me, oh Mother!

I owe my Father above, a bigly Thanks.8094226441_8fc146f042

A brand new start,

Let this spirit cheer each soul

Building each memory in shell,

Spread love and peaceLove___-721652

let’s all strive a creative change in this year.

May Happiness embalm in all

Wishing all a Happy New Year’013



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