Considered R in RESOLUTIONS?

Considering the R IN RESOLUTION?

IMG-20130101-WA0001Have you come to 2013 with a keep able resolution? I know all New Year resolutions are to be broken, but some are not to be uttered. Since I am back, and we all entered with a midnight pass and a beginning of a new day, how is everything going  on buddiesss? Every day waking up to an opening or a fresh start where past lay by and looking ahead to live life.

There are these resolutions, which you would say it aloud just to make a happy statement of it, or like a challenging line, you would have said so far. “Hey, I made a resolution and I will work on it”. On this category trotting on things like, 1) losing weight, 2) only healthy foods, 3) workouts regular jogging routine, 4) meditation and yoga, 5) no swear words, 6) quitting smoking, 7) learning to cook a new dish, 8) a new hobby and the list goes on. Where else the other list where you firm your mind and not to utter the resolutions that you do not intend to speak out and keep it until the end when you confidently achieve.


Its never too late to have a resolution this year. So listing some of mine here.

1)   Anti Lazy. Ambitious.

2)   Breathe in Oxygen.

3)   Care Love ones. Coke less.

4)   Drink more of Water and less spirit 😉

5)   Eat Healthy.

6)   Family. Friendship. Forgiveness. Filter Facebook.

7)   Graciously Give.

8)   Happiness. Humanity. Humility.humilityis9

9)   I. Love. Blogging.

10) Jolly J!

11) Knowing what to do and what not.

12) Love. Lose Weight.

13) Music and me. Meditation..

14) Never Give UP.

15) Om in Opportunities.

16) Pray-Peace.

17)Quit Complaining.IMG-20121203-WA0001

18) Relax and Read.

19) Smile and capitalize on your Strengths. STRESS FREE!

20) Time It and Thanksgiving.

21) UV rays Protection. Start sunblocking!

22) V for Victory.

23) Walk. Workouts. Writing.

24) Xpress yourself Loud and Clear.

25) Yap less and Listen more.

26) Zzz Just as important as eating, talking, pooping and working out!

LETS ALL FUNDAMENTLY QUIT MAKING NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS NOT BECAUSE THEY CONVEY THE PERSON WHO PROMISES OR A BETTER PERSON. SIMPLY IT DOESN’T MATTER OR HAPPEN! All I need to do this year ‘Be Thank ful To GOD’ for letting me live another year even if nothing of this list accomplish successfully. 67815_496172190404800_1189003944_n

And at the end,




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