The Brave Daughter of India

When Mayans predicted world to end last December, I am sure all would have heart breaking or hair pulling thoughts of doing stuffs what anyone would do at the end if there were given a chance or wish to fulfill at the end. Even weirder thinking it is Mayan’s apocalypse or Doomsday. Okay for the rest of us including me who wished it‘d better end the world rather see anything more shocking. It is a debating topic of an issue to live or see worthwhile or die in peace or hell thinking we did not fight for our rights or justice or peace. The solution is nowhere death. An awareness? On the other hand, may be educate? world peace?

71605_437713026295815_1353303815_n All over world, when emotional people cry and deeply sorrow for the innocent kids scared and mercilessly killed to death by a mad man on loose in Connecticut. Here brings another shocking news in India where a 23-year-old woman who was accompanied by her male friend raped in moving bus by six strangers (non human beasts) and thrown out naked into the dead streets. Okay, everyone had seen how outrageous nation had been. Nevertheless, the picture is not over yet until the girl gets justice and rest in peace. Isn’t it and I hope at the end it’s a good climax. When all are raising voices for every woman for her rights, to move around without any fear. Look at the other one, a 3-year-old girl raped by the school owner hubby. I am serious! Such heinous acts, where does it happen other than the world where all unseen are yet to happen and we all are alive to see. Girl rapes are understandable, but assaults on children unimaginable. Leave that a priest in temple raped a four-year old! In a place Tripura, Woman dragged out of house, tied to the tree naked, and raped in front of all by seven people. When does violence against women end? For all the educated or below poverty line what rights does man have on her? For how many deaths have to sacrifice their lives in order, the nation gets justice.

That 23-year-old woman was born to live her parent’s dreams, her mom biggest dream of her becoming an accomplished medical doctor, her brothers’ greatest support all in vain. To the mother of that brave woman, what was her fault to give birth to the brave soul who protected herself? To the mother who lost her child… 602851_507320675974580_1462908268_n

To the media and social networks that made the matter more devastating for the parents and the humiliation and sorrow they had to face. Whom are you blaming?She battled bravely to her last breath even when she had multiple organ damage due to sepsis and was fighting for her survival, all went in ashes. Where were we? She was just like us breathing. A child, a girl, a woman and a friend, she was everything just like us. Tomorrow she could have been a greatest woman, wife and a mother, all hopes and desires in trash.

522929_537878046223098_1489434704_n As I blog in here, there are still protests going on in India, against the gang rape victims. When half of them cannot forget what happened to that 23-year-old and is deeply mourning, why does the politicians playing dirty and foul roles and judges and lawyers joining the chorus and every policemen/women asking for justice. I mean c’mon what measures had to be taken for such assaults? When all know, the key is teaching them tough lessons or when many like me suggest hanging them or suggestions like state level laws being effective, fast track court…

Definitely, 90% are not by strangers or at least by people known to victim/survivor and some being family members of the victim. Why there is hesitation for a death penalty? Ain’t this happen before with Mathura and Rameezabee case, the cases that was by the police officers in and out of police station ? Yet, why does police fail to shoot them down? Alternatively, why does the number of conviction reduce yearly? Strangely, some people agree women being dressed in particular fashion deserve to be raped? That 23-year-old what was wrong with her was she poorly dressed. Strange that women’s body can invite such reactions to the problem of the beholder. Why does it be legitimate for women to be out in day and not in night? I am sure if death penalty issued, our politicians would have many rape cases or allegations against rape filed under them, which are pending or unsolved. Where are Anna Hazare and other politicians who plead for people votes and gain their support? Where are they? Celebrating New Year night parties? Who knows the PM just cancelled the New Year celebration just to have a fun and peaceful time with family. When others are asking and pleading for justice in Jantar Mantar?

girls_gangrape_peaceful_protest_pti ‘United we stand, divided we fall’Let’s raise our voices against such violence’s and lets remind and ask ourselves as a society how to contribute our privileges and solutions to such mindset and heinous crimes that man create and how we insult women. Let us stop discriminating the poor, rich, Muslim, Hindu or Christian, Dalit, SC or BCC or men and women. Let us raise voices not just for women but also men, who support women. Not to forget a male friend had helped that 23-year-old one. In addition, not to leave the transgender because they are humans and are in need of help, humanity, freedom and peace JUST LIKE US.


Dear Jyothi,

May your soul rest in peace. We are fighting for you ‘The Brave Damini’ as we name you the fighting one! Let yours be the last cry of thousand women who is asking for a change, our rights for freedom and peace AND let our voices be heard.budda

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