Just Another Day…

I sat to scribble with ink

And my imaginations conjure the deep linesiStock_000018046348Large-169x123

I stare at the blank page

Engrossed between spaces

I closed my eyes to feel the void

My heart skips a beat when you turn up

Replenishing each memory down the memory lane.


1240805-78190511The spring is far away,

Autumn just passed by,

Dark cold winter is here and

A profound desire to cuddle you with warm gust,

As I sat in here with you in my heart.


If only I could change your mind

If only I could see you one last time…I am walking_away

What if my thoughts, haunt you in pain?

I would stay by my side…


walking-away111I am walking away

I wish you would change your mind

I am trying hard to fight this fear

I am trying not to take it any longer.


I Look upon sky and wish for another sunrise

The Sunshine you once brought in my life,Love___-721652

I hope that life comes soon

Where we were together for once?



We are thousand miles apart,

Yet my heart ponders for you still

Just another day of your thoughts

I wish you could fill the void that I feel.




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