Jimmy, My love RIP

24760_322838111900_2638136_nTime snuck by.  I know soon or later memories will lead in here… Just when I was watching some Korean series, my mom reminded me to collect the eggs from the duck place. ‘Fine, Mom’! I ran outside, I knew I would look at Jimmy’s place. For how long it had been with me. Eight long years! Yeah, may be 30th of August 2012 was his time of moving in to a better world.

When I came back from college with much anticipation of being with family. I could feel sudden blow. No, it’s not going to be the same. The familiar sounds were missing as I reached the door. As I opened, he was missing. I looked around. He was still not there. I ran home. I know he isn’t there anymore. I just could not stand there. It was disheartening when I heard it from my brother. My brother was holding up his tears on the phone. He was alone in home and didn’t know where to bury or what to do next. Finally, he did it with the help of his friends. I cried and I couldn’t hold up. He was so dear to me.

We had just one dog, Jimmy. We named him after the previous one. My mom calls him ‘Jim’. Moreover, he goes crazy love when my mom calls him… He loves my mom and dad a lot. He was brought to me as a gift by my mom when I was studying in my 8th grade because I was alone and my siblings had gone college. I did not know his age because he was a puppy then and I guess he was nine months old then. My mom adopted him from a nurse who was going abroad and was giving away all the puppies. In addition, I was glad for a new member in the family. I was sulking when my siblings went and I was bored.

Jimmy was this white with brown spots on its body. However, I am not sure but a white retriever. I failed to check whether it is right too. Jimmy was a game of adventure. He is always active, energetic, and delightful. He would never meet a fellow person who he did not like. He would always come inside the house if got a chance and lie down happily looking at all of us pass. He raises his head when we say a Hello. Moreover, jumps up as soon as we come near him and starts his licking. (Licking and sniffing a part of his affection) He was always so happy to go for rides, gazing at the passing cars. His eyes say it all. He was happily and eagerly moving side to side at back seat. I remember Dad had to convince him to stay calm. I was so excited looking at him play with the pillow. Gosh, it has been long time he had gone.

Once I remember, he had visitors. Yes the cats. I was scared whether he will attack her. Alternatively, she either. Hmm. She was cooperating so does he. He too showed the big boss image obvious. Later he settled down. For it had been long time he had met one of his kind. In addition, there was this time when we all played together. Yes me, my brother, cousins together with Jimmy. That time too, I saw the enthusiasm in him. It was such fun time, ain’t it Jimmy? Oh, and Yes, He loves chicken! That too brings the spark of joy in his eyes.

Anyways…No longer I had to wait on him. No longer had I had to hear his whines. No longer had I had to open the door for him to pee. No longer had I had to bathe him. He was no longer…

I love this. It brought me Jim’s memories. Hope you like it.



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