Thank You


Thanking someone is an immense feeling sincerely. In this materialistic world, I doubt people have this good virtue of signifying it in its profundity. Many people who come across had just been grateful for our help or to people who helps us. Indeed that is what we all intend to do. Even a smile would do. Even a thought would do. We all should express our heart content when another person is indebted with emotions of kindness and love.

Thank you‘, It reminds you of the positive attributes and it even turns the tough times into good. Ain’t it? So thank for all the blessings because the other person doesn’t have what you have and that makes you special, different and unique from others. 🙂603246_327162660736215_2085466582_n

I take this space to thank many people in my life.

First, I thank Lord for my life, my health and myself. For the family I can build on and look after. For the vicissitudes, he had blessed me to move ahead in life.293566_413362068747174_409461910_n

  • I thank my parents who had supported and educated me in all paths of life.
  • I thank my teachers. For without them, their support, their knowledge and encouragement I am no longer in here.
  • I thank my friends. Yes the people who have been there until now for they always stood with me through my changing phases of moods and triumphs. Moreover, I am glad many who had left me for they had given me good times to cherish and bad times to learn live life.383322_10150442911166722_658806985_n
  • I thank for the limitations of my life such that I could cross over my barriers, think, and learn to live.
  • I thank for the role models who keeps me motivated!
  • Thank you 2012 for the year that taught me to be strong!
  • I thank GOOGLE IMAGES for helping me out in here posted.
  • Lastly, thank you Readers for your love and support throughout to write even more. My feeling of vulnerability is always met with your compassion and engagement. Thank you, my readers for this unending source of encouragement to keep at it. It is a huge gift to me that you are interested in what I have to say and spend your valuable time reading and commenting on it. It touches me and I am so thankful for it. Thank you 🙂

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