Tribute To the BL Blogger

Bucket Lists. I had been reading some blogs on bucket list. In addition, the blog that clutched my heart from the blood coat would be of Alice’s BL

The Teenage girl aged 17, Alice Pyne who made it to the online fame, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma bid farewell to the world on second week of January 2013.Image 1

Her mother, Vicky, announced late on Saturday, ‘Our darling girl, Alice, gained her angel wings today. She passed away peacefully with Simon, Milly and myself by her side. We are devastated and know that our lives will never again be the same.’

Alice, of Ulverston, Cumbria, crossed the final item off her list by going whale watching in Canada in August. Pyne’s blog features a ‘bucket list’ of things she wants to do before she dies including eating as much chocolate as she can at Cadbury’s World, staying at Alton Towers, entering her beloved Labrador dog, Mabel, in a dog show, go to her school leavers prom, swimming with sharks and staying in a caravan. She met her favorite band ‘Take’, which she waited with much anticipation, had last bid wish into reality. The teen from Ulverston, Cumbria, also said her other wishes were coming true: ‘It also looks like the other things I wished to do are being organised so thank you to everyone for that. I feel a very lucky girl.

She along with her sister, Milly had set up Alice Escapes, which is a charity run by a team of volunteers committed to providing free holidays for families with a seriously ill child. had been campaigning to increase bone marrow donation in the UK and last year received the British Empire Medal for services to charity after raising more than £100,000. She also won the Pride of Britain Teenager of Courage award in 2012.

Alice blogged, ‘I am also going to show my bucket list which I am trying to get done before I have to go.’ She made up her list and was glad when she is able to achieve it.

A truly inspirational young woman who achieved more in her short years than many that will achieve in ten lifetimes.
I am so proud of you, Alice, and am privileged to read your blog and will continue to achieve mine as you mentioned.

She left school four years back and was excited she could attend the school prom for she never thought, it will be. Isn’t she pretty in her prom dress? I am happy you achieved your goals.DSC08401

She was a phenomenal young woman who repeatedly put her own problems aside to help others in need. She achieved so much during her short life, but her real legacy lies in the tens of thousands of people who have joined bone marrow registers all round the world – people who will help us to cure blood cancer for good.

Therefore, Join fellow Bloggers and help one live life!


I am the 4765818 visitor to your blog. I am grateful that you brought me a new ray of hope and to live the one life happily. May your soul rest in peace. MAY LORD strengthen your family just like you were, build in love, peace and joy.



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