The Party Girl aka Deepika

images1Stop Zoom channel. I am fed up of watching Deepika Padukone on-screen and her changing ‘boy’ friends. Why these speculation on her and current duo Ranvir? Yes, I do believe she is famous and it is a world where all people look upon and idealizes.

What are media paparazzi has to deal with a life of Deepika? Will the TV ratings go up?

Everyone is unique and different. She has her own life. She has the rights to move around with Ranbir, Mallya or even Ranvir.

There is the scene that they (Deepika and Ranvir) hugged each other on Film Fare Awards Ceremony. They even did a movie together. So obvious they would pass gestures. Leave that they are from same industry! So why won’t they not be friends?

When she was dating Mallya, I clearly remember the media what they said about her. She was the reason for Kingfisher loss. Wasn’t that enough speculation to create enough cliché on her life. Destroying once friendship! Though she refutes theories that she is political correct. And the media states that ‘She thinks before she talks’. That is the way she is. It is not because she wants to be politically correct. Why not, she think before she say? Because when she frankly speaks media create another story for the full stops, comma and pause. Therefore, why not she has her rights to be what she wants to be.

There was another speculation that Ranvir smiled on mention of name Deepika when formally on talks with him on sets of Film Fare Awards Ceremony. However, I didn’t see any smiles, Zoom! So please give them some privacy to people whose asking for it. They need a bit freedom to go to restaurants, to watch movies in theater or even drive on roads in peace. Stop media analyzing on stuffs not so important such as these. Why don’t you add something useful to your channel? Add some more music mix, people would love listening to new tracks or update on new trends that would be helpful. Isn’t there enough problems to feature on channels?

I admire Deepika for the work she does, the way she carries herself! Her passion and determination seen in movies are well appreciated. Her work in Cocktail is full on appraisal from the crowd. Isn’t it great for actors having full schedule on movies that they have to do and the entertainment we enjoy. Well, looking forward for your new movies, Deepika! So please do not ruin such an actor who is bold, gifted and talented!


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