Turning Purple.


I ran across the beach

‘Panting’, on barefoot, I-

Stopped, stared and sat down.

The crimson red at water edge

Vanished in to thin air.


Laughing out a dimple face

Unconsciously twirling a strand

Then looking up an embarrassed smile,

Those demure eyes for a moment – I linger.

Crashing waves thundered my ears

The song of ocean murmurs in unison

Birds in daylong voice singing

Gliding’ upwards in melodious harmony

Quiet a delight, I could hear…

Lying flat on white grains

Breathing in salty ocean scent

Glowing mushy in purple hue

Haphazardly watching the shore purple,

I still smell the summer blooms.

What else I need more?

An hour of gentle caress and comfort!

Leaving behind a trail to the shore

Riding along the rolling waves

Sweep to interrupt the first sign of

Butterfly dance in rhythm of my heart.

Am I turning purple?

Cause, ‘Love is in air’!


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