Ten Minutes That’s Craziest I’ve done

I just got to see this post on Ten Minutes by Daily Prompt.


I never had a challenge in writing on WP. So I thought why not give it a try. As I am typing, everything is going crazy with errors and corrections. So setting the timer to ten minutes on my cell phone I began. Before this moment as I was checking Facebook, I saw my friend update his status, that he saw an epic Basket ball match played by our girls in college. And our batch won. I wished that I saw the match and I could cheer my girls too. Anyways Congrats Renegades! Love you people.

I just saw a video of Dr Jackson Avery aka Jesse Williams. Wow, I wish I could see him or may be he treat me or save me like a hero.

I see my sister sitting in front of me glued to the big screen. She and her TV serials(drama)! All the serials do is crying or exaggerate romantic dramas.

I had been asking my mom, why don’t we step out today for bit shopping. I am dying of boredom.

My specs broken. I need a new one. An excuse to shop?

My Dad seems so busy. He just ran out of house saying he has some work to do. He and his insurance policy!

My brother, he just came by from his long trip of enjoyment from Dubai. And he told me to oil his hair because he has a headache. I could smell the cigar smoke on his body. I told him why don’t you take a shower. He wants me to oil his hair and probably shower later. And he did.

Okay itsss 9 minutes. I have one more. Hmm… I guess the best thing I could think of breaking the boredom. I should be back in college. This boredom is killing me. Times UP! I do agree the worst one I ever done… No time for any picture! 😦


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