Free Writing Friday: January Review

Purple, is it going bit viral? Okay, No longer you have to wait. You would soon spot me in red or white. Frankly, Black would be perfect! Why my Blog custom color doesn’t allow me to change.

Back to what’s happening in my world. I would be leaving to Mangalore, India tomorrow night. I am going to miss home. Rak was indeed a good feeling to be back with family. Dubai could not be better with shopping or even family gatherings. Anyways, it was great. The Time has come me to head back to my world. Oh, yes the Dental World! Yeah got engaged to Dentistry for the time being. Until I get a better idea of what am I doing.

Holidays were hell bore! None of my school friends was there. In addition, to get a driving license, I need to wait up until next year. Roughly, I need a month training in here to get a UAE license. Therefore, I am waiting.

Photo0655_001This time, it was odd. I did not get to celebrate Christmas or New Year with family but also I had to take down the Christmas tree. It was weird. I always put it up and decorate. I did not think I had to take it down. Moreover, this time look at that what my Dad did to the tree. I did not light it, which was fused which I have to know later. Overdone? Did dad think of it some junk piece to throw all the glittering on top of tree without any arrangement? I hardly can see any hangings. Anyways, nice try Daddy! You ruined it beautifully. I told him this. He looked at it and laughed. Am I crazy? Okay that was wacky.

Bound by a black cover, my Oral Medicine Record is facing front of me. I have lots of writing to do. Ahh… Turning the pages, it is never giving me any hopes of finishing at the least by tomorrow.  No, I will not fail. Rolling up my sleeve. I am just about to finish it today and Radiology tomorrow. Will I be? Let’s see. Wishing for a better tomorrow with no regrets, that I did do something, at least finish my assignment. 😀

By the way, Taylor Swift, It would be perfect if you often break up. Therefore, we get to hear songs that become hits. I knew you were trouble; we are never getting back together, red.. . Lots more until later!ALL-RED-ALBUM-PHOTOSHOOTS-TILL-NOW-taylor-swift-32451302-267-400


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