Daily Prompt: Music, My Love

The Daily Post’s Question for today – What role does Music play in my life?images

A huge package! It’s my Oxygen! An addiction, Medicine and entertainment for happy and bitter souls. Music soothes my brain that’s why I ended up learning dancing, attending singing as well as choir groups. YOU would always find my earphones plugged in high volume. Such as the next person can hear the lyrics. (I know, What you might think?) My friends had tried convincing me to stop plug-ins or reduce volume. I am trying my best. 😉 I’ve started getting closer to music ever since my 12th grade. To me, More than lyrics I like the beats. Now a days I’m trying my hand at heavy metal! Though my favorites always lie on Pop, Rock and Country music. I listen to all and have my favorites in every singer music or band. So No partiality to any specific !! Since I dance a lot, I listen to the rhythm and feel the music or a particular beat. Therefore, by now I’m sure you had a clear picture about me and my oxygen! 

Please Don’t stop the Music M-u-s-i-c!!! 😀

P.S: I’ve a plane to catch and fly to my mother nation. So cya guys tadaaa! 😀 😀


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