Abnormal or Insanity, Whatever!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS!ap_india_kite_festival__heart_kite_ss_thg_130107l_ssh

I know its 15th, not a ‘valentine day’ too. Nevertheless, for people like me, it’s always valentine. No, I don’t have a boyfriend. Why should all think valentine day is just for lovers 😛 I am not blind not to see those holding hands, secret smiles, kisses and not to forget the red roses? I could see there is big queue for cakes too. Oh, you mean where! In the next girls hostel! My hostel apparently doesn’t have a kind-hearted warden who open door for gifts. May be she is jealous or may be adding another discussion with old folks. No, she is not that cruel. (Not really, who cares if she stares!)

Is it that I am walking as a zombie with those thick frames that people don’t notice me? Hello, I wished! 🙂 🙂 C’mon, I too would like to have free cakes, roses and not to leave chocolates. (A big smile) 😀

Another week passed, I’m not here to count days or weeks to remind how much is being lost or gained. Whatever! Unlike you, I had to do many things in here and you know what it is. Begging! Don’t smile. Begging for patients… Pleading ain’t a problem unless people are ready to come and help you out to finish your patients quota. ‘Smiles, Refusal and Rejection’! Dude, I am doing a public service not just poking your gums and when it bleeds, I don’t say it’s due to no flossing. Okay, I am not freaking out. For the past two weeks, I had to know the calculus that stuck in mouth. No, I’m not dirty. Don’t you want a good smile like mine? How about good oral hygiene? 😀 The plaque is a monster. Doesn’t it need a hero to kill it? (Wicked! :D)

Next week too, I would be having more fun with unlimited viva, begging for sure not to miss and cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Hola! A nerdy PG just told me it’s not cleaning, it’s scaling. As if I didn’t know 😛 😛 Don’t worry, my hands will do the actions and I’m protected with a shield. All right, you still didn’t get it. I meant the mouth mask, dude! (I want to live and not die from bad odor) Just kidding, I am a budding dentist and my aim is to serve people. (HandOnMyHeart)

Finally, I decided to just let go all frustrations and think of that feeling that’s close to my heart. ‘Love’, which I visualize as a dream. Walking through the road from college after library hours, I thought of my loved ones, my friends and my family. What else I need more? I hold onto that feeling tight and put it right there to where it belong. My romantic heart! I received many wishes from dear ones that made my day. My heart is just kind now. Forgive but don’t forget. Talk but no fuss. So yeah, I am in love! images


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