Through The Window

Bound by my darkness

I saw the light of hope

Through spaces, it could reach…

Wandering through window

Torn between memories

Fragile and weak

Enveloped in dark clouds,

There, he lounges in woes.

I bow down in grief

obscured in depths of despair

As though weeping,

When I stumbled

I gathered my strength,

To endow thy cherished moments

Thy glorious radiant shine

Touched each petal of my devoted soul

I exclaimed loudly,

“Hallelujah! How magnificent thy beauty”

Blue skies stretching from a heaven grace

Green patches broaden the horizon

Birds chirping in rhymes

Like a melodious harmony in nature songs.

The ugly ducklings dancing in trance

Round, swirl, twirl, whirl and spin…

Children live in model boats

Catching the joyous flu.

Young lovers arm in arm,

Swing their hearts out so loud

City skyline distant, but

Remarkable insight!

Seated in ray of brightness

I may never wake up

For another sunshine

I’m glad,

I’d imparted my happiness

To the sick, weary & old friend of mine

Through the window…!

The Pastor shared this story on one of the Sundays. It was this merry man who sat by the window staring at it. He was glad he was staying nearby the window. There was another sick man who stayed flat on his back all the time and was far away from the window.

Every morning the happy person tells about the marvelous sites that he could see through the window. The sick man would close his eyes and picturesque the way the gentle man narrates. Unfortunately, a day came he had to bid farewell to all. The next day, the sick man was transferred to the window side. When he regained his health, he eagerly wanted to see what that happy man said. He looked out the window and saw a white background that resembles a wall. He was astonished by what that happy man said and wondered why he said so. He asked the nurse and she responded that the man was blind and could not see the wall. She added Maybe he just wanted to encourage you.

“Blessed is the man who can bring happiness in others lives despite hardships”getty_rf_photo_of_baby_looking_out_window


18 thoughts on “Through The Window

  1. I love the story your pastor told. The blind man wasn’t just trying to encourage the other. I think he was telling him exactly what he saw. As some one who writes from the heart through his minds eye I do not need to physically see what I am transferring to paper. Well done. I really enjoyed the read!


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