Did somebody say Party or Peace?

You have 1023 unread messages. Whatttt? How come! Wasn’t it last week I’d checked it. Daily post… Hmmm…images (2)Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

I won’t add it as Daily prompt. Its long time before the Daily Post came up with this.

I had a different take to the subject. May be this is what I really want the need of this hour.

Breakthrough of a life that is full of hot and humid day. At times, you need a U-turn to freak out. Peace required however never been SILENT. Dreams can be far away or broken. It doesn’t matter until moving forward with head held over heels.

Looking down to see your feet yet there are obstacles to burden you. You try to walk every step ahead may be some day you will see the sun shining at your side. Why not and you beam.

Walking down the lane. Treating you like a puppet on a string. Those days are never again, because she broke away from the string and is flying higher. Escaped from a selfish world, STOP take a Breather! Wait you can cry on strong shoulders and they can hold them. At the end, be always whom you want to be. Never turn back.images

I am always in for the crowd that goes like a live wire going hand in hand jumping shouting singing along. I push until I can’t demand any more. I just turn around and hit the dance floor. The future is far away and is beyond to think what it could be. Oh yes, you need peace to get through but how to let go of all that stress that building up. We always try to get in through, somehow, some way and in some time. Why don’t we mess around and let the music groove in, feel the beat and just let go. Therefore, you can always tune in sing your heart song and music will take you along wherever you want to be. So Turn Up the Music and shake those hips. Break it out. Life is too short to live with regrets. Let everybody hear what you want to speak. Nobody needs to understand what you want to say. They eventually will know. Dance to the rock, pop or jazz whatever makes it better.images (3)

All I need now is to smile brighter or try smiling so do you. I am not perfect but I am learning to live making most of the time that is left. Occasionally, a change is better. Turning the world into your dance floor and doing what is best in you.

Alcohol and dancing definitely brightens your spirit to dance but never a solution to the problems. Therefore, think before you intend to have fun. Moreover, that counts for lots of energy! 😀 Peace… is there always like a gentle gust in a soothing song. Seize double doses of Oxygen and foot loose to all those seducing dance moves.:Dimages (4)


4 thoughts on “Did somebody say Party or Peace?

  1. This took me back in time. When I was a younger man I thrived on live music. Playing it , singing it , writing it or listening to it. I grew up in a music town where every Sunday was a free live concert int the park with local bands like The Allman Brothers ,Wet Willie and so many more you would think I’m lying. I never missed a live concert startin at 13 years old and my little hippie stoned self would boogie long after the music stopped. Now in my mid 50’s I’m a little more laid back and just my head bobs more than my feet stomp but I love it just as much.
    Here is one of our Sundays in the park. It was a great time to grow up. It’s what we call a southern love song….” if I don’t love you baby. Grits ain’t groceries. Eggs ain’t poultry and Mona Lisa was a man!”


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