My Soul Sista

Standing out at the balcony of the floor of my hostel. I gazed upon the sky for a moment. The full moon was in a hazy spirit. The sky looked darker in a shade of blue. I could feebly hear some girly giggles from the left building and the hiccups from the opposite boys hostel.

Yeah what a night! It was unusually still and I could relate to every noise around. My mind couldn’t stop wandering with thoughts just loading up and the cheery birds were just singing silently throughout the darkness.

I came back to the room to check the time. It was already past 12:45am. What would she think if I call her up? I called her up and wished her. She couldn’t hear what I wanted to say because all her friends were making some food for her. What a surprise. That was lovely. She needed time. In addition, I was late in wishing her. Its okay I made up my mind. I can always talk to her tomorrow.images (3)

I opened up word document and stared at the blank page. I don’t know what to come up for you girl. It is your birthday and I’ve no idea. Nishita, I owe you big time, Lady!2012-01-01 13.40.34s

We have known each other for eighteen years. It’s a long time isn’t it? However, I want to know you even more. I am not tired of hearing you. May be there would be a time for that, may be when we be grannies and I grumble a lot! Who knows? 😀elderly-old-best-friends-forever-birthday-ecards-someecards

best-friends-75505321936Dear Ni Shit 😀

Thank you for always being close to me even when we are in different places. Thank you for not letting us split by dumb facts like distance or time. Thank you for never giving up on our friendship. Thank you for being there for me at my darkest hours. Thank you for being a different friend than everyone else. Thank you for pushing me to do things when I was super lazy.

I never tired of the cooking that we made in your kitchen or the hangouts, the baby-sitting or the gossips or even our issues. I know Life sucks but then we definitely know how to live merrily. We never got a chance to be closer however; you are nearly done with your studies. I am looking forward this December to have some happy moments. On the other hand, will you make it to my brother wedding in this July? Please! Try Nishit! 😉

What you want for this birthday? I’ve no idea. Last year I don’t know what I gave. Let my account fill with money and I’ll think of it. Hehe!

I searched through the laptop for pictures of us. And I couldn’t find a better picture. It has been so long huh we met. I hope we meet up in December.

To the Big Lady Of 22 years old, MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!GYVJF00Z


My Beloved Readers,

Nishi is my bestie from a very long time. I do not know when we started being so close.  This sweet and beautiful girl had been there for me at good and tough times. She is the one who considers me as cool and fun. Moreover, I’m always flattered by her appraisal. Therefore, this braced girl needs a toast! LONG LIVE NISHI BEAUTIFULLY AND HAPPILY EVER AFTER!21376db6643a93af238b6f3d3b9c3191

 I hope all your dreams come true. Close your eyes and wish for all that you desire and the stars will grant you whatever you want. May you achieve success and prosperity in every phase of your life. I wish, we remain friends forever. Your friendship is very important to me. A few lines…

555428_10150810001477203_1887526382_nSmile My Friend

For no reason, I’d a smile on my face

I look upon the sky and beamed

For God had given me a special one today

Without you, I wouldn’t have survived…

You taught me to forgive and love once again

You were the one who stood by my side

You didn’t judge me

You always understood me

I want to hear you fuss

I want to see you smile

I want you to be achieve lot beneath thy sky

You are a rare gem

That I found on my journey of life.


You are gifted, my friend

Share your warmth to all near and dears.

And That’s why we stick together

Thy warmth, thy fun, thy cool, thy fussy,

thy beautiful and thy loving woman

Above all thy brains.

Nobody can defeat that ‘thy’ spirit! LoL

I cherish each day and every moment of our lives

To you my soul sista

A very happy birthday!

May your wishes come true and all happy and prosperous years come by to always make you smile.images (1)






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