The Little Things

dream-mirror-dreams-can-come-true-31082814-900-900Say ‘Cheese’ and a click sound ensue. The first Snap often lingers my mind on the occasion of my first day at school and your mom smiles at your shy face or possibly the long face. I could hold a bit longer than I thought in the first day when I couldn’t stop crying or leave my sister hands. Quiet a mess I made at the first day however the rest I don’t remember.

Never to forget the cartoon and animated movies, I loved to watch eagerly awaiting prior to time to see Turtles, peter pan, scooby doo, Disney cartoons and many more. And the ceaseless times you fought with your brother just to snatch that remote control cause he’d to watch cricket match or basketball tournament in another channel at the hour of need. Ask me, Tears does the job!

Super girl or Magic Girl! whatever my senior called me when I threw the service ball and none of them were able to catch and I  beam at their anxious faces. Quite a ‘Hero’ then to play at the sub junior level. Oh Yeah… the magic faded off until high school completed.

I recalled another moment when my junior answered my friend and batch mate question, Which is the scariest female senior? And she pointed at me.:O WHAT…! I exclaimed. (Actually its other way around) Times of interacting with juniors!

A lot of frustrations builds up in these days however a smile that makes a life worth living. Don’t you feel so?

Here is the Daily Prompt: The Little Things:

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.


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