A confused daze

tumblr_lqk8uuxH9r1qh9ogko1_500How often do you stupor into your thoughts or remain trance to dig the meaning of actual ideas?

When you sleep or deeply crave for a break and you fondly want to do something apart from the energy sucking routine, what would it be?

I get this bits and pieces of images where there are stacks of paintings arranged in my room neatly and tons of colors adding to it. Painting Brushes of varying sizes, palettes and colors spilling- a mosaic of pictures at a split second I get. I do paint not so WOW painting! Will my interest turn to that edge, who knows? (Wondering still)imagesimages1

Do you picture yourself or some pieces stuck in head suddenly? OR WONDER what those images trying to say?

I had better start counting the things that I can do. Because there are many that I can add presently. 🙂 🙂


5 thoughts on “A confused daze

    • It’s great that you can write it down. 🙂

      I’ve never tried painting those visuals that come in mind. Hope to try it soon! And the art in ma mind are totally mind blowing images than the skills that I can offer in hand.


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