For Once My Dream Was You

Not necessary all dreams has to come true. Some change for the better and everything happens for a good reason. quotes_peter_pan_dream_image_love_quote-165cbe95abde65b836e73108788958d8_h_large

Long back, I’d shared my dream to a name special then. Some say it takes courage to share it to somebody. However, it wasn’t courage for me. It was passion when I want to share it with someone special. The feel was authentic to begin with when I started writing my silly thoughts into a blue rough book and gave it to a friend of mine. Silly? That friend doesn’t subsist anymore. It’s more like quotes of famous people say. Lovers can never be friends. May be naïve to impart something like this one that won’t and never shall exist.

Dancing in a red dress with you on a perfect platform of love’ – now I fear!

‘DOCTOR’, ‘Doctor’, ‘Doctor’! Eventually everyone told the same. I fell in love with the Image of doctor and liked serving the needy. I strike out each options of engineer or a journalist. At least I’m good being a part of dentistry and not a medical doctor. Not that dentistry isn’t a part of science, its every part is involved in medicine. Moreover, I’m thinking of its future in my life… I never thought dentists as hung-up so the job is in my hands as a white coat surgeon. And I believe I’m doing it right!

I never gave up anything to know who I want to be at the end. Possibly, there were better opportunities if I’d dug bit more. I didn’t fail up to do anything whatever I felt I should just give a try. That’s how I came in here. A blog of my own!

However, there are certain entities I wish I could define or even discover it with experiments. I fear of exploring what if I weren’t fit and I adapt more as an individual who should be passionate to some other field.

There is a ‘Tomorrow’ always that I hope I will write and publish. A tomorrow always, I can hold onto the dreams and survive as little I know about the days that goes by. There is always a caution sign of struggle everywhere I pass and anticipate.

I was worried for the first time when I published my post in here so do many that followed. My first experience of people reading me and self-doubt bubbling all over mind on a daily basis whether I’ll be appreciated or do I suck? Gradually the inner soul just made me write down the way. Totally an inspiration from you all 🙂

I don’t really know what my dream is about. I’m surviving and heading for a tomorrow. I assume a lot about my future. Hoping my dreams I can count on as in my wishes come true. I’m glad there are little moments that’s happening and cheering me up to live long and hold on.

I AM BREATHING SO SHALL YOU! Keep that spirit in you… you can do it… if I can survive in this complicated and tough phase, so do you…If your head is full of fears, there won’t be any space for dreams. Dreams are tiny seeds that beautiful tomorrows begin so live every moment.



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