Love at First Sight

Who said we don’t believe in Love at first sight?

Hearing the first cry, she smiles. 🙂 To a world of joy and innocence, she guides you through the battles of life. She is the first love and best friend you cherish forever. She went through nine months hardship to give you life, strength and many moments to treasure. She laughs, cries and is gentle to your wishes. She is at times strict, warm and always expects the best out of you. She grows old and still loves you unconditionally. She is strong to walk through any barriers for you. She cares and fights for you until the end.

This is the woman, more precisely her life that reflects on all of us knowingly or unknowingly. She is an epitome of love, affection and generosity. In spite of job at work place and household chores, she does care to see whether you ate or ask how your day was. Isn’t it?

Even if you did the worst crimes for the day or received bad grades, you are still the child she adores. When nobody encourages you, she secretly wishes you win and hopes for the best in you. Like a backbone, she always there for you. Isn’t she the first person you fall in love with?

To all the beautiful mothers out there, Wishing all a Happy Mother’s Day!

Be the change you want your child to see.

Here is my Mom That I love forever! She is my best friend and the Best Mom I love! 🙂 🙂 Love you mom.. To the mom that hugs and kisses me tons 🙂 Image0590

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  1. Yeah, love at first sight 🙂
    Thank you for your encouragement to like ‘Shine On Award’, your future visits and likes. Hope you enjoy 🙂


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