Holla ;)

I won’t say it’s long time that I updated on anything. Still times like these, make me crammed up in studies with lots of caffeine inside. It’s the last year of my official studying, so got to deal with lots of exams and assignments. My cell phone doesn’t stop blinking with mails loaded on WordPress. Therefore, I’m glad that I can read entries by few and like them as well.

First, I would like to thank all bloggers who liked my work at The Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo. As well as, I am happy to


announce that there are 100+ bloggers following which is a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT after the tenth month! Moreover, glad to be friends with many in here and share their experiences, happiness and sorrows so do mine. After few posts, I would take a break for my exam preparation after that I’ll come up with a bang! (PROMISE, or else wordpress tempts me to share my ardor of writings)

I’m cascaded with three awards by an ardent and sweet blogger Soumya who is talented and has lots of spell bounded poems, achievements and posts of her own. Your love and appreciation always means a lot and so do your words.

Check her site for more enthusiastic and overwhelming poetry and inspiring pieces!





THANK YOU THANK YOU AND BIG THANKS! This means a lot to me. 🙂

I would like to congratulate her and her poetry on The Anthology of poems on Social Issues as well as her submission on Lovelets 🙂 Great going Soumya! May God bless with you lots and more achievements! 


Due to lack of time, I’m not accepting the rules of answering questions of three awards which I’m relieved not there on Soumya’s post. 😉 However, I would like to nominate bloggers who have welcomed me and all!

  1.  renee
  2. haroldslens
  3. J. E. Lattimer
  4. patriciaddrury
  5. Worldly Winds
  6. Russell Aaron
  7. jessmittens
  8. Teeny Bikini
  9. Leila Arts
  10. Britton
  11. Juan Margrita
  12. Alina Cathasach
  13. midnighthues
  14. rekspoursout

Link it back to this site. 🙂 Enjoy the Awards, Nominees!!


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