I didn’t have any GOALS


Daily Prompt: Goals

by michelle w. on May 22, 2013

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Not Really! In fact, when I saw others blog, I always felt I needed one of mine. When I started, I didn’t knew what was a blog or what to blog about. Gradually I went on and didn’t stop and eventually I hope I do get goals to set my blog right. I might even start another one or preserve the one that brings more happiness and friends.

Blog has become a part of my life. I ponder on ways to improve myself and consider many topics from life to share it here. From the popular High School girl to the quiet one, I’ve been ever since I joined my college. The quiet one did really have stuffs to share. Waiting for a long break to get the rhythm of updating more posts may be next year. It’s a tight schedule for now and blogging can’t be reflected at pace of my thoughts running up and down of brain.  Just as bloggers like and comment my work, I do happen to like and read their thoughts and imaginations. Their ways of playing with WORDS and getting their ardent love of language expressed. Sometimes, it is through the blog I get to know myself a lot. Likes, dislikes, words, and sentences modulation have become a journey of over-thinking and sometimes overdoing it. WONDERFUL isn’t it? 🙂

My Dad was a writer. When I grew up, I thought I’d never had any genetic talent like his. However, I used to write journals and get stuffs out of my head. That’s how I improved my language and other times it was 50% solution to problems. LETTING IT OUT! Now at times, I imagine, do I resemble Dad in any ways? I never thought of being a writer writing poems or a book like the one my friend wrote or any of my favorite writers’ famous literature or novels was in my mind. Even dentistry was in that category. However, Things turn out to be like this in this life. Everything happened for a reason and that I find it good! Cause nothing is holding me back in not trying anything.

Ever since, I’d started blogging. I threw away the journals and started typing everything on document. What if it’s useful in blog? I gained many friends and even spend time reading them. This virtue of joy that I get through here is bliss. 🙂

After a lot of push and determination, I did my first post on the Inspiration genre. I always felt it’s meant for me than anybody. If I could help one or two by my words, why not, I THOUGHT.


I feel I did a fair job of many reading and appreciating this piece. Likewise, when I started writing, I never knew I could make people read even if it is one or two in the beginning. By the end of the day, I see the rise in blog stats and people from many across the world read. Few comment, likes and some appreciate my endeavors and above all the bloggers that welcome all and me what would I need more?

For One thing I’m sure is I don’t want to walk alone in life, I know I can rely on my friend in times of happiness, sorrows or times of trouble! I don’t need A BUCKET LIST FOR NOW! I need is time and happiness 🙂 Time for my blog to grow and happiness that I GET VIA THIS.


6 thoughts on “I didn’t have any GOALS

    • Same Here! Even some of my friends said, ‘Am I so jobless’?

      I never found so much content in updating some of my ramblings.

      Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me into your world. 🙂


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