tango-lessonDrowned in pool of darkness

Her buoyant soul liberate teary sparkles

Rose from furrow to the eternal grace

She exhales, ‘a sigh’

Bop to the elegant poise

SHE HOLDS HER BREATHE to strange tap

Elena, Let us begin our rehearsal


Hand slipped down on her waist

Raised hand curl her fingernails firmly

As she spun in face of mirror,

He pulls her in Lovelock


Gleaming bodies contort in charm

She remembers him…

Man in moon smiles

Caressing thy souls in divine gust

Whispers a soft spell


The Lady in Red

Lays her paw on ecstasy

Feels the nuance of vibration in essence

She glides along his arms on her toes

Pirouette to thy edge of glory

Like an angel on ice

Taps that little dance

 With Red Stilettos

Steps aside, wiggles her body

Twirl and twists her ankle

Gasps”, blow of air

He holds her…

“Watch your feet, my love

Thy best forte makes you a dancer”!


Flush cheeks as ruby as wine

He clutches her hand

‘Let me dance with you’

She tries dissenting

He places a finger on her soft maw

‘No my love, you will dance for me

Just follow my lead’


To be Continued… Stay Tuned!

If you liked this, read on Part #2 🙂 🙂


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