images11Ballerina rose from her manly shadows

Even whilst the music broke

 Thou art Dance to harmonious soul thee

Blindly falls in her ardent love

She hauls her toe on a silver ring

Her pride never jiggle


Her body waggle with zeal

 Her dress transforms into magnificent waves

Her high heels flatter thy elegant jazz

With every beat

Her arm bends like a serpent

That holds in waist

Hypnotized by tones of blood,

He endures in midst of admiration and trance

Like the world stops to watch her dance…

She sways to ardor of rhythm

From the slow waltz to seductive tango

They swept their hearts so loud

Soar along the wind

‘Breathless’ they stand on their toes,

Yearning for another one!

Every pant lingers as salt of reminiscence

Doting in sea of love

Where did thy pain go?

Catching those silver raindrops

‘It’s you, that’s precious

Cause of you I dance in awe, she vouch’!


She seals him in a gentle kiss

As luscious lips nurture

In amorous moans

A burning fire lasts ‘forever’

So radiant

So Strong,

Like a never-ending pause!

Smitten by desires

Tongues collide

Squashing thy flavor candy

Lost in rapture of dance

Body shivers feebly

Aching for a butterfly dance

Holding a teddy bear

Greeting each other with touch of love…

TO BE CONTINUED… Stay Tuned! 🙂

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