LADY IN RED- #3 (Last Part)

img518e1e09b2204Silhouette of romantic couple

Warms up to blazing fire

Brushes off her strands

He says,

“Your beauty overwhelms me

Your touch craves my hunger

Your sweet taste is on my lips

Your fragrance delights my senses

I lose my control

Fuel my desire BITCH


A thrumming sensuality unveils

 Beneath his ugly façade

 images (2)

 Epitome of love shatters

As she shoves a dagger on his chest

He whimpers with nervous twitch

She lets out her malevolent giggle

“You slaughter my happiness

You seize my love

My cherished child, even before I could see!

You chose to be so dumb

You think I’ll let it go

 You deserve no mercy”!

Flame flickers in mellow glow

Finishes in dust and ash

She smiles & bears her fangs

Like Devil on Prada

“All you want is to kill me

Yet you know I won’t die

Plow your own hell”!

Thy fiend aroused when you spill

 The venom on my wine, YOU SLAYER!

Elena, What’s the matter?

Are you not feeling well?

Startled by the noise

Sweat rolls down her nape

Tears shedding her light look

Holding on to red chunk

Glimpse of Bloody beads on wear

Unloved, she sits on floor

Watching the walls of her studio…3

If not read part 1 and 2, Its in here:

Author Notes:

Highlighting the love for dance, I’d written this poem. Sometimes, you want to float in air or dance like no one is watching to let go all those crap you have to bother in life. If read until the last, Thanks guys! Cause this took time and will to fulfill the idea into words, All I could ask is your valuable comments if you liked, or whatever went through your mind you can share it in here.

Thank you…


Cheers, KiKi 🙂


18 thoughts on “LADY IN RED- #3 (Last Part)

  1. I’m glad that I waited long enough to read all of that in one go. Really amazing read, Jensy and a great way to go. The ballerina, her moves and the passion in the love…. just each frame is so beautiful I had it playing slowly in my head. Great.


  2. Beautifully crafted I would say. Till the end, the suspense remained. I loved the way it kept one hooked on to it till the end. Excellent effort!


  3. The best and the perfect so far! you created the character beautifully through dance and allowed the readers to drown in the beauty of hers,meanwhile transforming and changing the colours ,you played tricks which no one could guess. The whole piece is a great combination of love,dance and the revenge shown. A dance drama in short.


    • Yes it is love, dance and revenge! 😉

      Isn’t that more powerful when a woman could bring it.. 😀

      Thank you so much! 🙂

      Happy you liked it 🙂 🙂


  4. this one was by far your best. you showed control and power of a woman’s mind. I was able to feel the craving of her body as the two became together. expressing feelings so readers can understand or relate to is the key to writing in my opinion. Very good work!!!!


    • Thank you Terry 🙂 🙂 So nice of you to consider my request 🙂 And able to understand what was practically in my head to lay it down on paper in words. Thank you so much 🙂


  5. Jensy… you are an unbelievable talent. What command you have for words of power, words of passion, words of love, words of desire, all carefully crafted and woven tightly together where you lead your reader into the depths of human emotion. Thank you!!!


  6. This is really astounding and a wonderful talent you got there Jensy ! Proper usage of words with undemanding points . Really keep up the good work 🙂

    Awaiting next .. Take care

    Alex MV


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